Sony Going All Out To Support Garage Developers on the Playstation Vita

Garage developer Rubicon has praised Sony and their support on their assistance with their new title Great Little War Game for the IOS and Playstation Vita. Rubicon went on to say that the title is available on the IOS right now and is already completed for the Vita for when it goes on sale.

When asked how they received devkits so fast, Rubicon responded by saying that they showed Sony their new game, they felt it was a good match on the Vita and immediately shipped out four free devkits to Rubicon.

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potedude2609d ago


That's awesome that Sony are pushing games for the Vita. That will make it all the more epic...

gamingdroid2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

I think it is a good thing and a lot of positive changes from Sony, but why would you not push games?

Who wouldn't want some of that iPhone pie?

Tommykrem2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

Great Little War games has been getting good reviews.
Might pick this up if I get the Vita.

MasterCornholio2609d ago

Great that sony is supporting garage devs. We should see a wide variety of games on the Vita due to this.

Just a question but does Nintendo support small devs?

ehandlr2609d ago

Not so much according to Reggie who likened garage devs to amateur musicians.

Mario4life2609d ago

i dont get why nintendo doesnt support small developers though look at world of goo, its one of the best games on wii, and that was developed by 2 people

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