Have Nintendo Bombed Sony’s Vita Launch Plans With The 3DS Price Drop?

Nintendo are going to drop the price of the 3DS in time for the Vita launch, with Sony putting a lot of resources and hope behind Vita, will Nintendo ruin their plans?

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jacen1002457d ago

strategic move no doubt, i myself will be buying a 3ds when the price drops what a bargin 33% drop in price is a hammerblow

NukaCola2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I think it's a stupid move. It's way to early to counter the PSV which has no release date. The price drop is too low, and now more price drops are nearly impossible without causing Nintendo to lost money. The new price kills off the old DS stock, or causes them to be so cheap, everyone just gets an old DS and forgets about the 3DS. This is just bad business and I don't see the logic in it at all.

EDIT; Disagreers, please explain why? This is a good topic, and I would like to hear your actual thoughts.

blackbeld2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )


'i myself will be buying a 3ds when the price drops'

You say it yourself. now if everybody thinks like you do then 3DS will be a flop until Vita comes to save 3DS. Sony can easy delay one year more.

jacen1002457d ago

why would they buy the old ds when the 3ds is so cheap??

superadvanced2457d ago

3DS still doesn't have any games...

NESpower2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

Seriously, stop being fanboys...Nintendo 3DS will be $169 with new Mario titles. Vita will have a $249 and $299 price tag....PS3 has a $299 price tag with UNCHARTED 3 out this holiday and unfortunately COD will be massive. Vita has what game to sell it besides a promise? Apple iPad will sell this holiday too. 3DS will outsell Vita but worldwide both will do nice numbers. Seriously, stop being fanboys!

and if sony only launches in japan this holiday and wait till 2012 (ipad 3, iphone 5, maybe a 3DS redesign) then get ready for n4g damage

ABizzel12457d ago

It's a good way to entice consumers, but price wasn't the problem gamers has with the device.

Price was a major complaint, a Nintendo handheld or console for that matter should never be as much as the competition since it's clear that they want to stay a generation behind with their tech. Which is fine if you're going to do that, but don't ask for a premium price with 5 year old tech (in terms of consoles, and practically making your handheld as powerful as your previously outdated console). The 3DS should have never been over $199 from the start, and it would have sold better, just moving past into that $200 area meant a no buy for many gamers.

Games. You can't launch a console without games from this point forward. People learned it better to wait than buy a console Day 1 after buying their 360's, PS3's, and Wii's since you're hard pressed to find enough games you'll like with the first year. By waiting a year there's generally a price drop, and you can start playing the games you missed out on (which should be a lot cheaper by then), and by the time you catch up one of your favorite franchies should be on the way soon. The 3DS launched with nothing, and with Mario Kart not coming until December there's no reason to buy it now.

Battery Life. This alone will keep people from buying the first 3DS and wait for the inevitable 3DS lite. 3 battery when using the main selling point is absurd.

It's a great move to spur sells, and a reason to charge more when the 3DS lite comes out, but it's hurting Nintendo as bad as it's trying to pull away from the PS Vita.

bruddahmanmatt2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

The only thing that's a confirmed "bomb" here is the 3DS.


firemassacre2457d ago

well said nuka cola, bubbles for you.

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pain777pas2457d ago

jacen100 be honest. Which games really look like they are beyond the PSP in all honesty? The 3DS has cameras and motion control yes but the games are literally older games remade or DS looking games. I don't see any real jump visually from MK DS to MK 3DS. I don't see any jump from RR 3DS from RR PSP. In some was RR PSP looks better than the 3DS version. The PSP has a greater library of games and is BC with the Vita for DLGs. I don't see the value yet. There is too much ghosting with 3D on. So if I play without 3d there is no reason IMHO to get the system now. KI looks good for children as does LM2 and Star Fox. Mario Land 3DS will be good but why more Mario? New games in a series is not a bad thing but there is nothing future proof from what I can see. I need a Killer app for the older crowd. Or something new like Dragon's crown, Gravity Daze, Sound Shapes and Ruin to get me excited about new series of games. What they've shown on basically PSP hardware has not blown me away. Sony has and they have NEW games from their first party coming to the system at LAUNCH. I may get the next version of the 3DS.

plmkoh2457d ago

Well I'm not as overly optimistic about the Vita as you are, but as of now the Vita has a greater vision for the next 5 years compared to the 3DS. The Vita has shown great potential to be easy for developers to create their pet projects that were too risky for a full home console, without compromising too much on graphics.

Suffice to say, Vita will be my handheld of choice.

longcat2457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

I'm still going to buy a vita for one reason: Software prices.

Nintendo games have a strange habit of retaining close to full value years after launch.

Better prices with sony. I must admit though that $169 is VERY tempting

jacen1002457d ago (Edited 2457d ago )

did i san any games look beyond psp? i said i would buy one when the price drops get over it, yet another sony fanfag , some of us have kids that like some of the nintendo stuff this is more the reason i will be buying one, i have no interest in playing pussy handhelds all day long nomatter how powerfull they are hanhelds are for children all of them if u ask me, 2 hours and i toss them in the corner and go back to my pc when the novelty wears off same stands for VITA

Brasi822457d ago

I think most people have learned that graphic's aren't everything. Look at how the DS kicked the crap out of the PSP. Did you miss the memo? Also I don't have a problem with ghosting with the 3D turned on, maybe you should get your eyes checked?

pain777pas2457d ago

I see what you guys are posting. 2 analog sticks is all I have left to type about this. Be honest man. The camera can be mapped to the 3DS touch screen sure but 2 analog sticks on the Vita man. That alone let alone the other bells and whistles. Please think rationally. I have a feeling once there are playable vitas all over most gamers are going to get one even just because at some point the game that utilizes everything right will come along and I have a feeling Bioshock Vita will be the first FPS if it is FPS will do. Vita is no PSP people this thing is for real. Remember scrutiny is on high because of all Sony's problems and the media could not deny as a device that it is that cool. 3DS may outsell the Vita whatever I could care less. This is a dream handheld and is the gaming device for me. Let Apple and Google and Nintendo if they want have the casuals for all I care. Bring on the the great core games bit size and otherwise of the PS Vita.

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TBM2457d ago

i dont care about the price drop its not gonna stop me from purchasing a vita.

Wizziokid2457d ago

we will see, I can't wait to get my PSV, never bothered with the 3DS though. my brother picked one up and only played it a few times until the novelty wore off and he completed Zelda.

tiffac2457d ago

All I can say is the ball is now in Sony's court. It will be interesting to see how Sony will react.

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