Nintendo Tumbles; Shifting to PC Social Gaming?

Nintendo Co. fell to the lowest level in almost six years in Osaka trading after a lack of demand for its new 3-D handheld player led the company to slash the product’s price and earnings forecasts.

Nintendo’s 20 billion yen forecast would result in its lowest profit in more than 25 years. The company also slashed its revenue forecast 18 percent to 900 billion yen and reduced the full-year operating profit estimate by 80 percent to 35 billion yen.

“Nintendo should use its ample cash to buy a social game maker, as the place to play games is shifting to smartphones and tablet PCs,” said Masamitsu Ohki, a fund manager at Tokyo-based Stats Investment Management Co. “It doesn’t need to start its own.”

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kevnb2547d ago

console gaming is nearly dead, mobile devices, pc, etc are already in our homes. Nintendo will be the first to fall, but sony and microsoft will have to move on as well.

vicofero2547d ago

pc cant replace console..

Rush2547d ago

Aren't they really the same thing except one has none upgradable hardware specs?

Consoles are becoming more like home computers every day.

kevnb2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

nono, console is just dying. Every device you buy now can play games, whether it be shitty laptops, phones, tablets, or desktops. Why spend $300 on something poorly made and that can only play games? Mind you, its going to be probably about 5 years before you really feel it.

Micro_Sony2547d ago

@Kev - Consoles are far from dead but will not have the same momentum sales wise that it had last gen or this gen. Sales next gen will force one of the big 3 to reconsider strategies like the article mentions.

@vicofero - At the current state no it cant but as face book and mobile phones games are becoming more of the norm for casuals then is very possible. The problem with PC is that most people look at it as a hassle to have it hooked up to your tv but I think apple is working on a living room MAC user friendly that is as small and easy to set up as a console but is a computer as well.

@RUSH - Consoles and PC have more differences that what you just mentioned and the limitation with console vs PC is huge.

The PS3 browser is nice to have but can never be compared or replace a PC browser. Consoles are becoming more like computers but as this carries over to next gen this integrations cost money and this will make console launch prices more expensive - this is the reason one of the big 3 has to make a bold move and need to think out side the box and make a PC that has all the friendly features as a console.

BeastlyRig2546d ago (Edited 2546d ago )

" And let’s be realistic. Consoles used to be 80% of the industry as recently as 2000. Consoles today are 40% of the game industry, so what do we really have?"

Consoles are 50% less relevant than they used to be & that's HUGE! So is it not dying slowly?

- http://www.industrygamers.c...

Also Console can't replace pc over all..

In fact consoles are pc's...

It's more like consoles can't escape pc's!

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Horny2547d ago

How is console gaming dead when they rack in more sales then even summer blockbusters. Video games really started taking off this generation. Even if the casuals switch there was always the hardcore gamer that supported video games In the last 3 decades and will continue to do so. Angry birds and tab games won't shut down the video game industry, they are just alternatives.

kevnb2547d ago

they dont, theres only a few big titles a year. Most games just lose money on console, even games like red faction are getting axed just because they arent huge hits.

grailly2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

no way is console gaming dead. If anything, it has reached its peak, and it surely will be all downhill from here, but for the moment, games have never sold as much on consoles

clearelite2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

I disagree that it will be surely downhill, but agree with everything else. I think time will tell what happens next. Even though smartphones and tablets are VERY hot right now, consoles are still selling very well. There is more variety now, but there will always be those that prefer console gaming. Really, what it comes down to is marketing though and when the next consoles launch, they will try to make sure they have all their bases covered.
What about when the novelty of having a smartphone wears off?

TBM2547d ago

sorry bro but as much as i like tech to advance i wont be playing full fledged games like FF, GT, GoW, GeoW, ME on no 10in screen finger swiping, and tilting left/right, up/down looking like a complete idiot especially since NO phone, or tablet has proper controls or buttons for the best gaming experience. even PC gaming needs proper controls.

mobile gaming is a joke imo; also i would love to see what would happen if games like GT5, GoW, GeoW, ME, FF games that are way over 10-20 gigs in size make its way to mobile gaming how much would that cost, and how many of these games could you purchase.

mobile gaming will always be about small games that lack true gaming experiences.

lodossrage2547d ago

PC gaming on the rise this and that.

You act like PC gaming is new. PC gaming has been around since before the PS1. The PC itself even longer. And for all the PC out there in the world, the game sales on them should make console sales look like nothing, but they don't. It's the other way around.

Why do you think most of PC game developers put all their efforts into the consoles FIRST?

And as for mobile gaming, until games on a phone can give you the same experiences you can get on a full fledged handheld, they won't truly take over.

You have to remember the simple fact that people buy those as a phone first and foremost. So of course the sales of those are going to be bigger because they're what everyone needs, a PHONE. But they aren't cannibalizing handheld sales, they're just bringing all the people that never cared for gaming before into the market. Just like the Wii did

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wallis2547d ago

Gamesradar has a pretty good article on how nintendo shot itself in the foot regarding it's 3DS marketing policy.

But honestly, as far as I'm concerned... good. I'm tired of these companies thinking that my fucking mother and grandmother are better target consumers for gaming hardware than me. It's about time that the fiscal hammer came down on them and showed them that games should be marketed and designed for bloody gamers. It's common sense but these greedy arseholes seem to think there's some untapped market of white washed douche bags living in everyone's house who are desperate to waste the hours away by playing a series of fucking mini games!

It's insane that these people actually think it's the way to go! These are multimillion dollar companies who have at their feet one of the largest and steadily growing industries in the world and instead of trying to sell cheese to mice they're trying to sell meat flavoured cheese to dogs. For years I grew up thinking that seemingly stupid decisions only appear that way because I'm not looking at them through the eyes of an expert but in the case of companies like microsoft and nintendo I actually think I could do a better job!

How hard is it to market glassless fucking 3d!? They could have sold the technology to sony for more money than the 3ds has given them.

Well you know what, when a company puts all of its money on a remake of an older game (and everyone knows nostalgia is a dangerous thing to rely on), and nintendogs well they deserve more than just the loss of millions and millions of dollars. They deserve a swift and brutal slap to the backs of their fucking partially formed heads.

Horny2547d ago

Preach on. I'm sure that's how many of us felt but you worded it just right.

miyamoto2546d ago

You are correct to point out that it was not the gamers that bought the Wii and was those overweight moms & dads, who replaced pacifiers with a DSi.

An guess what, did those soccer mom's even cared or appreciated the time, money and effort put by developers into them games?

Hell, no.

Nintendo targeted the wrong market once and this is now the result...they don't care even more!

While Sony was right all along to stay loyal to core gamers because they care and appreciate the amount of talent,artistry, work, time & money put in to their kind of games.

Nintendo, out of desperation settled for the quickie cash while Sony kept their integrity intact and was immovable with their goal to push gaming ever forward.

Nintendo is reaping what they planted. Hell with the 3DS & Wii U aimed at hardcore gamers, now they abandoning the same casual market fan base that gave them their huge sales.

Dwalls11712547d ago

This is really bad....with all this bad press nintendo could fall out of the gaming space in a hurry...remember guys last gen nintendo was a joke....i hope they dong go back to that

DNAbro2547d ago

If everything goes wrong and nintendo fails, i can see them going the way of sega and just become a software company.

and no, social gaming (i.e farmville) and such is not going to take over consoles. There will always be a market for games like CoD, Uncharted, Halo, Mario, Zelda, etc.

kevnb2547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

with advancements in tech, those games can easily move over to other platforms. Wont happen today or tomorrow, but it will happen. Nintendo is just the first to die because they specialize in simple and mobile games.

Farsendor12547d ago

nintendo has stunk since nintendo 64 with all the money they have made they could at least include voice overs and new games. instead they stick to pokemon,mario,zelda and metro at least they done something right with kid icarus.

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