Five Influential JRPG Composers

GP Editor, Jason Clement takes a closer look at the most influential JRPG composers and their effect on the industry today.

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RedDead2575d ago

One thing Squaresoft(and S-Enix) have done well with is definately the music. They sure know how to pick their compossers anyway, and thank god Mitsuda did what he did, Chrono Trigger's soundtrack is ....nomnomnom Wind scene(600ad) is one of my favorite themes

NukaCola2575d ago

The Gaurdia Castle theme from Chrono Trigger is so epic. It brings tears to your eyes.

FlashXIII2574d ago

I dunno I thought FF13 music was pretty poor compared to Uematsu's work.

KingofGambling2575d ago

Miki Higashino for Suikoden I and II

X-Zone2575d ago

The music in the Tales games has always been 5 star.
I did like the music in Final Fantasy 12 but i felt it could have been better, perhaps a few more memorable songs, nothing really stood out for me, whereas in 13 of course we have songs like 'Dust To Dust' which were phenomenal songs.

Nobuo Uematsu is of course the giant on the list but his work on Lost Odyssey was probably his worst, i don't think he had any heart in it at all, mainly because it was such a poor excuse for a game.

FlashXIII2574d ago

Lost Odyssey's main theme is the most memorable song for me of this generation.