ESPN Service For Xbox LIVE Now Features Split-Screen

Microsoft and ESPN have heard your humble requests and announced a new updated version for the ESPN service on the Xbox LIVE which will be available pretty soon. The updated version of the ESPN service for Xbox LIVE will feature a new split-screen where you can watch two matches at a time

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lazertroy2458d ago

Does this have NFL games?

gamingdroid2458d ago

NFL would be huge, but I'm pretty sure that would cost some pretty pennies. Would love to see that on ESPN/Xbox Live.

Micro_Sony2458d ago

NFL would be amazing but like some one mentioned above the NFL committee is one of the most obnoxious and greedy group of people that don't really care for the fans but care for the $$$$$$$$.

I dont live in the USA and some times I cant watch my Pats play because of cable provider does not cover the game so if Live had it that would be huge.

Micro_Sony2458d ago

Question is this North America only?

Solidus187-SCMilk2458d ago (Edited 2458d ago )

only direct TV has the rights to show every game. Other cable companies show the local markets games on Fox and CBS. And NBC has the sunday night football on their station.

ESPN show monday night football, so this would have the monday night game on it Id assume since that airs on ESPN.

but the only way you can get every NFL game per week in the US is to get Direc tv and sunday ticket.

ESPN can only show the monday night game, CBS/FOX/NBC have the rights to the other games.

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StifflerK2458d ago

Split screen, that's actually pretty cool.

Les-Grossman2458d ago

This app would be popular if they aired NFL games when its game time

Average_Joe2458d ago

This is a pretty cool feature. Will come in handy during the college football season for sure.

htownrocket872458d ago

Can't wait to watch multiple futbol matches!

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