This Podcast Contains Spoilers: Infamous 2

To celebrate the show's 25th episode, Evan forgets to introduce himself properly. Then he and Sophist Radio's Harold Burnett talk about Sucker Punch's Infamous 2. Evan takes issue with the "Evil" campaign, Harold talks about time-punching, and then it's time for cake and ice cream.

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acronkyoung2549d ago

Is Harold a friend of the show again?

crazytown992549d ago

I'd hate to bust him down now that he's been promoted to co-co-host.

DaTruth2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

I also took issue with the Evil campaign ending. If the plague is gonna kill off humanity, why not let it; there was no reason to stomp around the world purging humanity.

Since you can see who's a conduit, you could just take them somewhere where their are few people around and change them. The evil ending was just too evil, it defied even evil logic... except maybe serial killers! It was evil for the sake of evil!

HeavenlySnipes2549d ago

The people were going to die anyway. Why leave them in peace for no reason, and go through to trouble of rounding up all conduits?

The blasts the Beast makes trigger conduits potential, if the people who are as good as dead are caught in it, so be it. Plus, the US gov't was trying to take out Cole.

DaTruth2549d ago (Edited 2549d ago )

True, but the governments of the world were only getting into it because Cole was killing people!

They knew nothing of the RFI, or any way to stop the plague and that Cole was the one who destroyed the RFI; so the deaths of the plague victims couldn't have been blamed on Cole!

But I see your point. If they're all gonna die anyway, why take time and risk conduits dying, when you can just walk into a city and do a "Beast ray-sphere energy blast".

Maybe I just believe in happy endings, but that whole ending was more evil than I could have imagined. Killing Zeke was also pretty unpalatable!