Modern Warfare 3 Getting Special Hori Keyboard and Mouse Setup

The biggest name in third party controllers is gearing up for the release of Modern Warfare 3 this fall by designing an entirely new gaming setup for those who insist that playing shooters with a mouse and keyboard is better. Enter the T.A.C. 3.

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Agent-862546d ago

Though I'm a PC gamer, if I was a console only gamer, I'd definitely be interested in this. The mouse looks almost identical to my MX518 and the left hand part looks pretty comfortable. Plus the price looks damn attractive as well.

Eades2545d ago

I REALLY like the look of the mouse. The di-cad is a super cool skin.

The game pad seems a tad unnecessary but cool none the less.

hamoor2545d ago

Assuming that pc gamers play cod.........

JonahNL2545d ago

A useless product for a game I won't buy. Besides that, doesn't this give an unfair advantage to a console gamer? I can already smell the many hacker accusations.

BeastlyRig2545d ago (Edited 2545d ago )

lol I though this was for pc! If K/M is not optimized for 99.9% of games I would skip.. I am sure some games will need a few more buttons than on that keyboard..

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