Resistance 3 beta Chain Reaction On Train yard

Resistance 3 beta Chain Reaction On Train yard

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majdees2612d ago

The game is good but it takes too many shots to kill someone.

sackb0y2612d ago

i agree. but shoguns are overpowered up close and snipers are one second be a one shot one kill or randomly take three shot in the head

crematory2612d ago

shootgun should be powerful in close range dude

EeJLP-2611d ago

"The game is good but it takes too many shots to kill someone."

The game looks bad overall but it takes a decent amount of shots to kill someone, which means you have to maintain your aim on a target and go for headshots.


49erguy2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

Lots of shots gives someone a fighting chance to retaliate. Its not COD where you camp and if you see them first from your tiny crevice they're down in an instant. I love COD4's MP, but this game encourages you to run around and shoot like Uncharted 2's MP. No need to hide and duck constantly like COD.

sackb0y2612d ago

i love the shot gun with the fire rounds. but yeah yeah ive played it all today and notice almost everybody is starting to snipe.Its getting bad

ZombieAssassin2612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

RFoM and R2 are over run with snipers, RFoM is nothing but 1 hit kill sniper matches online and 2 it pretty much the same. I guarantee within a year R3's muti will most likely be the same as it seems that's all the core community care to do. Whick is why I'll be buying it soon after release because I actually like the games online I just can't stand that 1hK crap people play.

49erguy2612d ago

The only game I can think of that has an overpowered sniper rifle, yet ISN'T overrun with snipers is Uncharted.

Resistance 2 is a sniper's game? Really? Thought it would be the opposite with 60 players.

mafiahajeri2612d ago

LOL uncharted? I spamed the sniper that respawns in the map. Whenever I got it I got at least 3 kills. Takes 1 shot.

HeavenlySnipes2612d ago

Resistance 2 is a sniper fest. I'm partly to blame lol. I put I think 1000 hours onto online with my clan [RGD] and all we do is snipe. It got to a point that we can now snipe people in the head with every shot (the sniper isn't OHK, only headshots are). I don't use the sniper anymore though, its WAAAY to easy to do well sniping people (I snipe and rush if you can believe that, you can't camp and do well in Resistance lol) and now I just run around with any random weapon to challenge myself in the unranked matches.

EeJLP-2611d ago

"RFoM is nothing but 1 hit kill sniper matches online"

Then don't play Custom 1hit matches and don't play a game 5 years after release when there's only a small community left, mainly just playing 1hit matches.

If you were around 3-5 years ago, you wouldn't have had that issue.

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itchy182612d ago

i'm loving this game. it's good. and i like the graphics

media732612d ago (Edited 2612d ago )

This looks very dated to me. Grx are not good neither are animations, the world looks very sterile. Seen it, done it, played it, nothing new to see here folks. Disappointed.

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media732612d ago

Psthree I have a ps3 u tit. Shut your mouth with pathetic fanboy shite, sick of children like you talking rubbish, be quiet go play cod and listen to Justin Beieber.

PIayStation2612d ago

Hurrr durr, rubbish, COD, Justin Bieber, Mary Poppins and tea

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