What The Inclusion of Poison In Street Fighter X Tekken Really Means

Capcom may have opened up Pandora’s box in that if fans begin to feel like they have a heavy influence on the content of games, their voices may only grow louder and more demanding. At the end of the day, though players have great ideas, there is a reason why they play games instead of making them and if a company like Capcom tries too hard to please everyone who makes a suggestion or complains, the overall quality of games may go down.

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Gigglefist2396d ago

It gave Ono a reason to cross-dress as the Comic Con panel... So I'm all for it

Peaceful_Jelly2395d ago

Can't wait for Kayo Police to cosplay Poison. They are both she-males and they both look like a real woman!

Winter47th2395d ago

She's a tranny, that's why they're making a big fuss about it.

LightSamus2395d ago

She's not a transexual really, they only said she was a man because back when she was first used, they didn't want to be seen to encourage violence against women. Something like that anyway. So for all intents and purposes, she's a woman.

Pozzle2395d ago

Actually, she was officially changed to a man in the Japanese games, and a post-op transsexual in the American games.

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