Has Call of Duty Become a New Holiday Tradition Asks Skewed and Reviewed

Skewed and Reviewed have posted an article asking if the annual fall release of a new Call of Duty game now qualifies as a holiday tradition.

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miyamoto2397d ago

Make that another Holidays tradition new to the PSVita soon.

2397d ago
Garethvk2397d ago

True that is an impressive system. I had someone tell me how great the 3DS is and I said it is a childs toy compared to Vita. They said I had a Sony bias, and I asked how is it a bias when they made a better console than the Wii and the Vita is far more advanced than the 3Ds.

miyamoto2397d ago

If Call of Duty holiday tradition is not enough,...

the arrival of Battlefield on the PS Vita will also ignite another Holiday tradition on PS Vita....the FPS flame wars : )

EazyC2397d ago

CoD is always good when it first comes out I suppose.

I remember I loved MW 2 to bits for the first month or so....

Then the exploits came.

Average_Joe2397d ago

I think the fact that games sell better around the holidays has something to do with it. When you have companies plan their own game releases around when your not releasing your game you have a pretty good idea as to whether or not you've got a hit on your hands.

Might not be for everyone, but there is a huge fanbase out their for COD and I respect that and it's players.

Inside_out2397d ago

Yep, it has definitely become a gaming tradition and while their are some, a ridiculously small, pathetic group of haters that want everyone to believe that it's not a good game or that it won't sell millions again, it will sell MILLIONS and be the number one game AGAIN and the haters can go cry in a corner somewhere.

Nobody is being forced to buy the game or join up for the AWESOME COD Elite ecosystem. Go play the games you want BUT in the meantime, stay away from's to good for you. :)

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