SEE: MMOs will take place of console games in America

America SEE international entertainment's vice president Li Xue Sheng talks about the current situation and the future of American gaming. He says the main trend of American gaming is still console games, but MMOs will take that place in future for sure. And in American market, web games has been increased 3 times faster than MMO RPGs, which he defined as the future of American gaming.

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SITH2576d ago

Yeah ok... what ever.

ATi_Elite2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

MMO's are the wave of the future and those who disagree just can't think outside the box.

MMo's are more than just WoW and Everquest and if you take 2 minutes to check out the new FireFall trailer you will see that MMO's can provide more excitement and action than any SP game can all the while playing with 100's or even 1000's of other gamers. MMO's are every genre of game from RPG to FPS to RTS to Sports to simulation to hack n slash and etc..

Hate MP games well there are MMO's like Guild Wars 2 that basically lets you complete the quest in SP mode or with friends anytime you want and on the fly if a boss is too hard for you then BAM go join up with some other gamers and beat that boss together.

Lots of Browser games and browser MMO's have stepped up their graphics so a Single player experience online without downloading anything is getting better all the time.

PC Gamers being ahead of the curve already enjoy MMO's of all types and at the rate in which MMO's are released it's only a matter of time before MMO's are 80% of releases.

As far as the consoles go, well Next Gen your favorite console maker will be requiring more Devs to make MMO's cause next gen your consoles will be even more PC like and able to properly handle MMO's.

the MMO gives the Publisher almost everything they want which is an online component to help prevent piracy and a game that just keeps Gamers glued to the Pubs server. MMO's can last for years generating 100's of millions of dollars with little up keep.

Just go here and see all the MMO's out now then enjoy the Firefall trailer and if you think MMO's are just grinding for XP points and fetch quest well your dead wrong.

SixZeroFour2576d ago

is he talking about mmo's in general or mmorpg...cause i wouldnt mind playing an mmofps or mmo racing game

IRetrouk2576d ago

i kinda see what he means, but there will always be a place for single player games, i dont always want to play online.

Main_Street_Saint2576d ago

It may be so but no way will it COMPLETELY take over for console gaming. Not even close. I still love my single player experiences.

Also, they don't have puzzle MMO's yet.

blackburn102576d ago

If that happens then it will be time to start World War 3. *picks up auger* I'll see you there.

coolasj2576d ago

In a country or even world were not even everyone has internet, it's not going to happen. And something like it won't happen until it everyone has internet.

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The story is too old to be commented.