Microsoft China: Bringing Kinect to China is good for our industry

During the China Joy 2011 summit, Microsoft's Zhang Ya Qin plans to bring Kinect and XBOX to China market, and he points out the key to that is both the approval of the authorities and the mature Industrial chain in China. He says Microsoft is already working on the process, and he hopes the console will be officially launched in China in next few years.

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GoldPS32398d ago

If Japan don't like Kinect, what make you think China will.

egidem2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

You just read my thoughts. Chances are china won't like it either...Microsoft, get some games out ALREADY.

Micro_Sony2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

@Gold and egidem - Way to stereotype 2 countries. How old are you guys and have you ever taken history classes on Asians countries or watched the discovery channel.

China and Japan have different cultures and religion and your comments were kind of racists.

Thats like you saying Mexico and Colombia are the same because the both speak Spanish.


Egypt and Sudan are the same because they are both are Arab countries.

Out of curiosity what makes you guys believe that China and Japan share the same preferences?

egidem2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )


No racism is involved nor was there any intentions of it in my comment. It's just a simple generalization, I don't know why you have to take it so far.

It's like for example, if I buy some friend a game such as Killzone 3 and they don't like it at all, I can safely assume that chances are they won't like another game such as Resistance 3 either, or Crysis 2. See? It's just a simple generalization and there were no stereotypical thoughts or some form of 'racism' involved.

Grip2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

actually Microsoft are doing really good on China market.. better than any US companies out there. FYI the difference in China Market and Japan are huge.

newleaf2398d ago

Because Japan is not China or vice versa.

cstyle2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

China looks at american products differently than the Japanese. Plus china doesnt have a console on the market that competes with the Xbox 360. What makes you think china wont like kinect? That's a very narrow mined statement you made.

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Genghis2398d ago

Racist people equating Japan and China...lordy...

Grip2398d ago

what is that had to do with anything???

Tachyon_Nova2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

"ldPS3 + 1h ago

If Japan don't like Kinect, what make you think China will"

Genghis just doesn't have the ability to click reply on somebodies post so that his comment actually makes sense.

RedDead2398d ago (Edited 2398d ago )

It ain't racism mate, racial profiling is the word/term, China and Japan are very different. I take it most people don't know China and Japan sorta hate each other aswell(events before WW2 is the cause)

Ya and during, just meant that it started before the War.

Boletarian2398d ago

Events before and DURING world war 2. Rape of Nanking comes to mind.

gamingdroid2398d ago

Yup, Japanese products don't sell well in China. In fact, GM and the like are selling their stuff by the boatload in China.

Chinese still remember what the Japanese did to them.

That said, I think people will really warm up to this in China and it could be huge for MS.

However, to follow the original poster, the rest of the world (other than Japan) seems to like Kinect, so why wouldn't China!?

radphil2398d ago

"However, to follow the original poster, the rest of the world (other than Japan) seems to like Kinect, so why wouldn't China!?"

How do you know this? Did you go and ask a lot of people?

gamingdroid2398d ago

First, I said "seem".

Secondly and ironically, yes I have observed/met plenty of people enjoying Kinect. However, that is hardly a representative sample. Since Japan didn't buy those 10 million Kinect, the rest of the world must have.

radphil2397d ago

Yet buying something and enjoying something are 2 separate ordeals.

You can buy something, and then regret it later.
You can also enjoy something without buying it either.

dredgewalker2396d ago


Acutally it's the older generation of Chinese that don't want anything to do with Japan. The younger generation actually accept and love some of what the Japanese has to offer like anime and manga. China today is changing rapidly along with the hate of the old generation.

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tigertron2398d ago

I thought game consoles were banned in China except HK?

CaptainMarvelQ82398d ago

China will make a modified version(like always) of kinect called "Natal"

wenaldy2398d ago

Expecting tons of Kinect clones..!!!

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