Square Enix North America teasing upcoming announcements

North American Square Enix executive producer Dave Hoffman is teasing upcoming announcements, including one relating to a project that is "sort of" new.

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tdogg060519912493d ago

It has to do with Chrono trigger or Chrono Cross. Why else would it be project X X=Cross. Chrono Break could be the sorta new game and it is trademarked still.

iamtehpwn2493d ago

A remake of Final Fantasy VII.....'s collectible action figures!

egidem2493d ago

That and they could restore some of their reputation they've been losing over these past years.

NukaCola2493d ago

I wouls love a PSN Chrono Trigger that is polished up like they did with FF on PSP. Add the effects, polish the pixels, run it at 60 frames, dd trophies, etc.

zeeshan2493d ago

Sorry SE. Anything coming from them just doesn't excite me anymore!!

Chrono2493d ago

Enough with ports already! I mean I'm a huge fan of Square's classic RPGs, but c'mon we need new games that are good!

Canary2492d ago Show
FlashXIII2493d ago

It's Square-Enix if you get excited by anything from these days, more often than not you're going to end up disappointed.

limewax2493d ago

Well square tend to call all their tba's project x. Don't get too hopeful, the last project x was dungeon siege 3

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GodHandDee2493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

kinda new?

PSV port of FF Type-0, hopefully

Simon_Brezhnev2493d ago

same i dont feel like buying a psp since vita coming out.

Zeeraq2493d ago

An improved ver. would be much better.

egidem2493d ago

Your personal message:
"You are going to LOVE ME!"


jon12342493d ago

i can see it now! another modernized rpg game that sucks ass!!

Agent_hitman2493d ago

FF7 remake

or FF8 remake

or FFversus13... yeah trailer again, nbut don't have definite release date...

NegativeCreep4272493d ago (Edited 2493d ago )

FF8 remake is very...much of a dead-end.

FF7 is not only more noticeable as a stand-out installment of the FF franchise, but overall it is a more likeable game; F*ck the whole Junction system from FF8. The Materia system is more transferable to current generation gaming inclinations.

Chrono2493d ago

You must be dreaming if you think this company will ever listen to the fans and make a FF7 remake.

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The story is too old to be commented.