Resistance 3 - Fade to Brown Music Video

Is Resistance 3 the brownest game ever made? These guys think so.

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ATi_Elite2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Hell NO!

Operation Flashpoint Dragon Rising used only 3 colors Green, Black, and about 50,000 shades of brown.

hilarious video, very funny. R3 looks fun....and brown!

RedDead2608d ago

Hha true, that game looked like shi* on my Ps3. Jaggies all over the place, s=that game was a mess, the enemies could see through grass, so the idea of you hiding from them went out the window, hiding in grass was actually a disadvantage

MaxXAttaxX2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

How come this hasn't been done for Gears? All 3 games LOL.

Never mind, the first game was more grey than brown...

Micro_Sony2608d ago

Calm down Nathan no need to go into panic mood as the video was done for LULZ.

No need to bring Gears into this.

Redrum0592608d ago

all those scenes were from the begining of the game, plus its called theme and mood, its set in the past so thay gave "the beginnig of the game" those shades to give it a vintage theme.

the guys singing is more annoying then the shades of brown.

Micro_Sony2608d ago

hahaha funny video.

The graphics are dirty just like your mum.

xAlmostPro2608d ago

This is funny :D

However the shades of brown still look great ;) I mean the skys are after all darkened by chimera ships are they not?..

also i lol'd when he mentions "so many of one colour" at the same time there is red, yellow, green, greys, whites, oranges on the screen :P

still the video made me laugh, props

thugbob2608d ago


The video is funny.

tdogg060519912608d ago

Completely Brown in the beginning the more the story goes on the more it becomes colorful and have we seen anywhere past the first hour?

ATi_Elite2608d ago

Wasn't fallout 3 like completely green?

Boletarian2608d ago

No, not at all. Resistance 3 isn't brown all over, either. There's going to be snow levels, shown off in the concept art.

omi25p2608d ago

Yep its pretty green..

Ninver2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

nar that title goes to Gears 1 & 2

Micro_Sony2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

Chilax dude and put down your battle axe for one minute.

It was a joke and the guy clearly states in the song that the game is fun.

This console war has really gotten to some people to a point that they feel like they need to defend a piece of plastic.

princeofthabay2608d ago

Yet you're defending Gears, right?

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The story is too old to be commented.