11 Reasons Why We Play Games

From GamerHelp:

"Gaming is costly. Gamers spend lots of time and money on their passion, and the hours accumulate over time...The monetary investment is immense as well. A High-Definition TV, a current generation console, and the games come at a high price, a price that many find a way to afford by surrendering other amenities. But is it worth the cost? Any gamer will say most definitely, others though do not understand the fuss. There are reasons that gaming is worth the expenditure. Here they are, in no particular order, the reasons why we play games..."

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BloodySinner4059d ago

It's times like this that make being a gamer very awesome.

Satans Cousin4059d ago

1)It's an escape from your day to day grind,a way to lossen up and have fun.
2)I love animated cgi and 3d animations i find them intriguing and pleasing to the eye.
3)Acomplishing a game to the full extent is rewarding,you feel a sence of complete satisfaction,especially if the ending is good.
4)I love playing online with others who also partake in the enjoyment of gaming.
But i would trade it all in for a hot smokin chick,lol.

kingme714059d ago

I find the anticipation of an upcoming game to be almost as enjoyable as the game itself. Of course sometimes it can't live up to the expectations that are set, but when it does... that's the best.