New Street Fighter X Tekken Character Teasers

Teaser trailers for two new characters in Street Fighter x Tekken

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Lyr1c2574d ago

Looks to be so.

Unfortunately, these are probably the 2 characters that I couldn't care less for.

Quagmire2574d ago

Capcom seem to be retarded when it comes to Tekken and Tekken characters. I dunno why they made Kazuya the poster boy for the Tekken side as a rival to Ryu, when clearly it should've been Jin VS Ryu.

And also, why the hell is Nina tag teaming with Kazuya? They have next to NO relation.

The trailers REALLY shouldve shown Jin and Hwaorang VS Ryu and Ken.

Tito082574d ago

When it comes to Kuma, it might be a good idea since he might become Zangief's rival, because Zangief fights with Bears for his trainings!!!!

Tito082572d ago

@ Quagmire Because Kazuya has been in the Tekken series longer than Jin Kazama, he's the original poster boy, Kazuya's absence and Jin's first apperiance in T3 changed everything!!!!!

TenSteps2574d ago

I'm sure one is Kuma the other might just be Ibuki.

L6RD7BLU32574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

I think it may be Dan, but I believe I see blond hair though.

ScytheX32574d ago

Kuma, for sure, ehonda lol that was just the big rig trucks in the stages background =p doubt capcom would throw in a clear picture as a 'teaser'

jc485732574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

lol, it's always a character per teaser. This is definitely Kuma.

disparage2574d ago

I don't know if it's Honda guys. He doesn't wear gloves nor tape around his ankles.

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