How to build a $480 gaming PC to take on Battlefield 3

Battlefield 3 is undoubtedly one of the most anticipated games of the year. With tons of buildings to blow up, explosions that put the Fourth of July to shame, intense competition, and graphics that make your eyes bleed, how can you afford to have a computer that can't keep up with your skills?

So you might need a new gaming rig, but you might not have the cash to buy from a retailer. Why not take a shot at building your own?

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-Alpha2573d ago

Link doesn't work, though if it's true then I'm going to look into finally building myself a gaming rig.

I simply cannot play BF3 on consoles with the PC version out. I want the ultimate experience and I really want to play full-server games with team-experienced players

Nitrowolf22573d ago

yup, i'm in the process of building a new Rig. Liked my old one, but my brother can have that one. It's so much cheaper to make now to.

RedDead2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

I'm gonna wait on it, until BF3 comes out haha. Might even be a bit cheaper in November

Haha forgot, Skyrim is out then too which is a =n obvious Pc version(mods mods mods)

flankhim2573d ago

Am I missing something? Does this computer have a case or does that count?

ImpliedDeception2573d ago

I would put either of the graphics cards listed into a computer I was building for my mom, that's it. An old 5770 out performs both the 6650 and 6670, but really, you shouldn't spend less than 200 dollars on a gpu. (in my opinion)

And there's no OS included in this build, either (BF3 isn't coming to Linux...). You get what you pay for, and building yourself, last I checked, you could have a pretty decent mid-range system for under $900, kick-ass monitor and OS included.

LastDance2572d ago

I bought a console that's guarenteed to play it.


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iPad2573d ago

For a game like BF3, you HAVE to play it on maximum settings. I dont care if you're on a budget, you just HAVE to.

omni_atlas2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

those specs look really shit. save the money and go with AMD cpu.

I'm happy with my AMD Phenom II 955 quad core over clocked to 3.7 ghz (it can go much much higher if you get a cooler) which I got for $100.

Heres an article which they over clocked the cpu to 7.1 ghz (lol)

Don't skim out on your video card, I went with EVGA Nvidia 560 Ti Overclock. Loving it.

BTW Battlefield games utilise >2 cores, its actually more beneficial to have more cores then a higher cpu clock speed.

Bladesfist2572d ago

How many cores do they utilize because i have a 6 core 1055t and im pretty sure a higher clocked quad performs better :/

HydroCopper2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

battlefield games definately make good use of quad-core cpus with all the destruction physics. its the only game that gets my intel i7 950 over 70 degrees celsius.

And because battlefield 3 will also be so cpu heavy, you will definately benefit from higher clock speeds. in bc2 i got a noticeable increase in minmum fps when i went from stock 3.2 ghz to 4.0 ghz OC.

edit: @ bladesfist

yeah some more expensive intel quad cores perform better than the amd 1055t hex core just because of the architecture. it all depends how much u want to spend. and pretty much no games at the moment make use of 6 cores on any cpu

evrfighter2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

I would also go the phenom II quad route

it saves you around 100 bucks which could go to a 6870 which go for about $175 now

The Creep2572d ago

i have a amd 965 phenom 3.4 ghz cpu and a 5850 overclocked to 830/1200

im reaching near 5870 levels just with simple 30 second overclock. thanks amd for making 5850 such a beast of a card :D

bubblebobble2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

i have a sweet 8 core cpu running 3.2 gig 4 cores more than yours blu-ray drive bet yours not got that bought it 4 years ago for £200 quid thats like a 1/5 off your pc today much better games uncharted 3 killzone 3 lbp 2 its called ps3 so go back to your dark bedrooms go download ya self a virus

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Motorola2573d ago

I have a HD 6670 and I can barely run the Alpha on low...I have a quad core as well.

Ranshak2573d ago

Alpha may not be optimised. when bc2 was being released, i could barely play the beta on my laptop. once the final game was out had no problems running it at max settings.

Motorola2573d ago

Yeah, your probably right.

vortis2573d ago

I hope you're right.

Good thing I also didn't buy a 6670...I heard they were good for X-Fire but too many games have problems Crossfired.

After BF3 releases I'm gonna find a good card that can run the game maxed.

HydroCopper2572d ago

vortis, its a bit of a misconception that many games have problems with crossfire. for the past year i ran 2 5870s in crossfire and they demolished pretty much any game i threw at them. never had problems with cfx. the only thing i didnt like was ati was slow to get proper drivers for some games (it took more than 6 months for metro 2033 to run properly). other than that, cfx is fine 99% of the time.

and if you are looking for a single gpu card to max bf3 @ 1080p i would say u will probably need an nvidia gtx 580. judging from the videos ive seen of the single player campaign tho, 1 580 might not be enough with high res and high AA.

awi59512572d ago

I was running bad in alpha but i got the new beta profile and the alpha is running at60fps on my old 3 4870's on high. Im still gonna upgrade i need direct x11

Mr Patriot2572d ago

on laptop thats even worse than consoles

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zeddy2573d ago

thats the problem, i cant be splashing out on a new gfx card everytime a new game comes out, i guess people have the moneys, i dont.

Ranshak2573d ago

U dont need to be. just buy a good one once and u r set for afew years. buy a crappy one and u will just be wasting yr money.

cdland2573d ago

My GTX275, Q9550 is running the Alpha on medium 1680x1050 very nicely in full screen. I would guess around 45 FPS, much like BFBC2 on high settings. Oh ya and the drivers are beta, way better driver support from Nvidea and that is way I buy Nvidea. Just my opinion and expriences... looks great too. Just need to learn the metro map, wicked lighting down in the subways...

consolez_FTW2573d ago

This list is helpful, though I would replace that intel i5 with an phenom x4 965, just to lower the price, and then replace that HD6670 with a HD6870 or 6850. LOL I might just be an AMD specs:
phenom x4 965
HD 6870
8gb RAM

peowpeow2573d ago

No I'd do that exact same thing :P Definitely a 6850/70 over 66xx for this game!

BrianG2573d ago

You could even get the i5 2500 and save a few bucks but get a significant increase in performance.

If you want some overclocking get the k series i5 2500.

peowpeow2573d ago

Yeah on 2nd thought, I'd spend the extra bucks and stick with the 2500k

TOSgamer2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Yeah the guy who wrote this article doesn't know sh!t. No one should be buying a i5 6xx processor for $200+. The only thing they have over the i3 5xx processors is turbo mode which is useless if you have an IQ over 80 and can change the bclk in bios. Not to mention you can get a sandybridge i3 2100 for $100 or a quadcore i5 2500k for around $200. But yeah a cheap amd quad core would also be fine so put more money into the gpu.

I'm personally using a i3 540 clocked to 4.2 ghz. But I bought mine used with asus motherboard for $105. No one should be buying older tech on a dead socket new and for Intel's full retail price... Just bad advice.

HaloSpartan2573d ago

It will look crappy with that small amount of money.

dontbhatin2573d ago

please explain. i want to hear your knowledge on this.

Nitrowolf22573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

Well it's kind of a weak build, specially when you can get better and newer stuff for a bit cheaper (Comments below)
But i guess if it's just to run it on minimum or bare, then it's okay (I guess)

aquamala2573d ago

Of course it can be better if you want to spend more money, but it's good enough at mid settings and the game will look significantly better than consoles

solar2573d ago (Edited 2573d ago )

been running the Alpha great on my system the way it is. i might not have to rebuild. oh hell, i love a new build so ill probably do it anyways!!! its fun :))