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Sometimes it's all in the execution. Fundamentally, the Uncharted games – re-released together here in anticipation of part three's arrival later this year – are risibly derivative boilerplate. Centred on the exploits of wisecracking treasure hunter Nathan Drake, they follow an Indiana Jones formula of shootouts, daredevil acrobatics and triple-crossing love interests, garnished with enough priceless antiquities to make Neil MacGregor giddy. These cliches are, however, delivered with such disarming amiability and impeccable attention to detail that they become not just forgivable but positively enjoyable.

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trainsinrdr2613d ago

Why does this need reviews its just 2 games at a discounted in a bundle.

2613d ago
Kee2613d ago

Yeah. People could just refer to the reviews of the games that were written when the games came out.

But no, apparently people are too dumb to do that.

Hicken2613d ago

I'm wondering what "risibly" means.

Johnny_Cojones2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

1 a : capable of laughing b : disposed to laugh
2 : arousing or provoking laughter; especially laughable

3 : associated with, relating to, or used in laughter <risible muscles>
— ris·i·bly

Hicken2613d ago

Interesting. I would have thought it was some sort of dig at, say, people of Asian cultures not being able to say certain vowels.

Quagmire2613d ago

Bundle Review:

Uncharted Drakes Fortune: 10
Uncharted Among Thieves: 10
Cover art of Uncharted Bundle: 0

RastafariPrime2613d ago

Okay. There's such a great point this article, right? No...
Oh sorry. Both are great games. Buy it.