Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition Getting Free Balance Patch

TheSixthAxis: Yoshinori Ono has officially announced that Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade Edition will receive a balance update. The development team is now working on making the changes and the patch is expected to release in the fall or winter of this year.

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Sprud2425d ago (Edited 2425d ago )

I like how the headline specifies "Free" as if one should expect otherwise.

Delriach2425d ago

It could have been a patch that required a payment to unlock or something. Regardless, it's best to get that out of the way ASAP before people question it. That's how capcom announced it :P

Quagmire2425d ago

Well, with capcom, you can never be too sure.

solar2425d ago

free patches should be heralded now a days. unless you buy a Valve game. they come free.

jc485732425d ago

How nice of them.

Raider692425d ago

Its free.All we need now is to start paying patches and updates to games,i guess its better not to spread the word because Capcom,EA,THQ,... will start think about it has another cash in .

Delriach2425d ago

Technically you are paying for an update when you buy certain DLC since you are usually downloading free patches. Depends on how you look at it.

Capcom is known for their significant updates to fighting games, so they prolly could have done a SSFIV: AE + and charge for it by adding something epic to it.

solar2425d ago

consoles. that is all. over and out.

archemides5182425d ago

well this pretty much invalidates this years EVO, maybe they should have waited until AE finals were over to announce it.

Delriach2425d ago

It must feel weird for people playing MvC3 as well since they know there's going to be a UMvC3 so soon.

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