Nintendo trying to fix their big 3DS mistake

Jim Avery writes:
"Earlier this week, Nintendo announced that the price of their new Nintendo 3DS handheld would be dropping by 32%, to $169, starting August 12th. This unforeseen move comes only six months after the 3DS launched, and is Nintendo's much-needed response to a system launch that was terrible in almost every respect."

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TheSoundDefense2611d ago

Given how Iwata also slashed his salary, I think Nintendo is desperately trying to please stockholders in the wake of a terrible first quarter.

miyamoto2611d ago (Edited 2611d ago )

The title should be

"Nintendo trying to fix their big 3DS and Wii U mistake."

Remember the Wii U announcement also was responsible to this these downhill trend on Nintendo's camp.

High retail prices does not really complement their blue ocean strategy in fact its against it.

And another reason is many gamers got burned out with Nintendo's regular and periodic upgrade of their hardware. So they tend to wait for the better upgrade instead of buying this launch unit.

SactoGamer2611d ago

I agree with some of your points, Axelstone. Should I wait for the 3DSXL, assuming the hardware even gets that far?

Brasi822611d ago

Nothing a price drop can't fix, just look at what Sony did with the PS3. Difference is Nintendo only deals with games and can't afford to have bad quarters like the PS3 can.

miyamoto2611d ago

In a war, if the flagship is sinking that only means ....

Hicken2611d ago

It might be too late, honestly.

miyamoto2611d ago

I agree.

Looks like Nintendo has partied for too long and rested on their laurels too much. Drunk with success they are now in for a rude awakening.

The 3DS is Nintendo's flagship product as of now. If this price cut happened a year or two ago, when the Wii and DS are selling at an all time high, I wouldn't worry for Nintendo.

Now that the Wii & DS sales are going down hill at high velocity I am pretty sure a price cut on a flagship product like the 3DS can save the the whole company. Also, the negative reaction of investors on the Wii U are not helping either.

They were very lucky with the Wii & DS price point last time but now they totally threw out the tried and true Blue Ocean strategy out of the window & repeated their arrogant mistakes of the past.

Without no Game Boy to make up for their losses they might not be so lucky this time around. It might be a little too late for Nintendo.

Hicken2611d ago

The 3DS really is off to an abysmal start, and the recent announcement of a price drop didn't do anything to reassure Nintendo's investors.

Right along with that, the WiiU is in limbo, as it makes promises to the hardcore market- largely ignored by the Wii itself- and appears to eschew the casual support gained by its predecessor. And at least here in the States, NoA's recent decision to not localize fully English-voiced games despite a huge showing of demand doesn't sit well with many.

hatchimatchi2611d ago

I wouldn't mind at all if the 3DS sales never recovered. The system was grossly overpriced. It took months for the estore to be launched and it's still a complete mess. Their digital releases are a joke. Not to mention their blatant disregard for fans with operation rainfall. "Oh Hi, yea you want these great RPG' about a kirby game instead?"

Nintendo has been taking hot steamy dumps on their fans that SUPPORT them and it's high time that nintendo stumble and fall on their face. They need to be humbled.

jacksonmichael2611d ago

I may be a conspiracy theorist (Ancient Aliens on the History channel, anyone?), but I really feel that they are ignoring Operation Rainfall for all the free advertising they're doing.

MasterCornholio2611d ago

It was Nintendos fault for charging to much in the first place for the 3DS. And most people just saw it as a DS with 3D slapped out thats the notion that everyone got here in spain from the ads.

Anyways the 3DS is at a good price now and this holiday season Nintendo is going to release some pretty big titles. But they still have to be careful about the Vita though because they dont want it to eat into their holiday sales.

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