Comics Meet Robotics in The Adventures of Retrobot [Kickstarter]

Erik Johnson of DIYGamer: "What’s Retrobot? That was the biggest question I had walking into our sit-down. Going in I didn’t have a clue about the back-story, how the game played, what platform it was being developed for, nothing. Imo began by excitedly explaining a collaboration of game and comic book, with arcade-style tank shooter gameplay and a story full of both originality and parody.

A robot created and programmed to be best friends and play a lot of video games. A tale of friendship and forced separation between socially-inept nerd, robot, and monkey. There was a lot to like. Such scribbling such as “Retrobot sees the world as a video game, as that is how he was programmed”, “gaming references abound!”, and “Nailgun to start!” can be found in my notebook to prove it. They had so many different ideas on how to make the game funnier and better, or what else they had in mind for the comic going forward. Just talking with them it was hard not to want to get on board."

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