Fallout 5: What we want to see

Of all the post-apocalyptic wastelands we've dragged ourselves across, those of the Fallout franchise have to be our favorites.
Pretty they ain't, but they're full of character with just the right mix of treachery, quirk and comedy. It's those good qualities that have consistently made Fallout a gamers' favourite despite all of its frankly glaring foibles. But Fallout could be so much more if those creases were ironed, if the engine was brought up to date and if the foundations of a some good ideas were well and truly capitalised on. This is what we want to see in Fallout 5.

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ATi_Elite2577d ago

Well for starters how about Fallout 4 you stupid Morons!!

thanks for go away in shame!!!

NukaCola2576d ago

If they want to get technical it's like Fallout 7 or something, because there is also Fallout Tatics, and Brotherhood of Steal.

I would like to see New York. I know it's over used, but there is a great deal of potential with the land layout for the more Fallout 3 feel in the Manhattan Wasteland.

gaffyh2576d ago

Yeah, I'd like to see Fallout 4 first.

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MagicAccent2576d ago

I don't know about fallout 5, but I would like to play as a mutant in Fallout 9.

rabidpancakeburglar2577d ago

Fallout New Vegas wasn't Fallout 4, I think Bethesda said it wasn't anyway.

Kran2576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

It was more of an Add On, because not much really changed.

WhiteLightning2577d ago

Let's get Fallout 4 out before Fallout 5

ATi_Elite2577d ago

Right as that makes perfectly good sense!

BlueEye2576d ago

Well I'm pretty sure we don't want to see Fallout 5 just yet, it won't make any sense.

omi25p2576d ago

Fallout 5 is so 2015. Fallout 8 is where its at

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The story is too old to be commented.