Journey: The most unique game of this generation?

In Journey, you walk. Somewhere. Playing as a nameless cloaked figure, you must reach the light beaming from a distant mountain by crossing a vast, windswept landscape. It's all very mysterious. You don't know why you're in the desert, who you are or what the light is. There are no maps or markers, no floating arrows telling you what to do. But where else are you going to go but that mountain? It's just you, the sands and the far-off peak. Few games evoke such a beguiling sense of freedom, curiosity and adventure

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firemassacre2611d ago

quite possibly. my wallets taking maximum combos right now. ;(

egidem2611d ago

Kelly Santiago and her company (ThatGameCompany) always makes games that are unique. Flow and Flower were awesome games...unique in their own way. Journey looks like it's going to be the same as well. Looking forward to this!

2611d ago
Boletarian2611d ago

I don't know about these games. They're definitely calming. I played Flower which was a beautiful game but really it's just a very beautiful layer draped over a pretty repetitive mechanic. I guess in that respect it's a lot like most other games. There's an action that you repeat over and over and the only thing that changes are the graphics.

True innovation would come from varied mechanics incorporated consistently throughout the game.

Nevertheless, Flower and Journey are great games and don't deserve to be criticized for doing what every other game does. The only gripe I have is with people who call these types of games innovative. They're not innovative because they follow a particular pattern present in nearly all games.

X-Zone2611d ago

This game is so much more than Fl0wer. Playing the BETA, it evoked so many emotions, especially the feeling of isolation. It really was just incredible. And even if you don't think Fl0wer is innovative, Journey is without question.

helghast1022611d ago

Why did you capitalise "Beta"?

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