Insane Pre Order Price for Sony Wireless Stereo 7.1 Surround Sound Headset

Cole Burton of writes "Have you yet to get a gaming headset? Or perhaps your Turtle Beaches have fallen apart and you are in need of a new set like I am. Well, if you’re a PS3 gamer this is a great deal for you. You can snag the upcoming Sony PS3 headset 35% off!"

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samoon2397d ago

I really want these, they look so badass.

Iroquois_Pliskin2397d ago

daaaaamn i want it now!!!! way cheaper than Beats


Wait, is this an official accessory? Because it completelly gone over my head, when did they announced it?

Anyway, not just it's way cheaper than most headsets in that league, it also has the features and the look to back it up. Now I just need to read some reviews to get what the sound quality and confort are. If good it looks like I'm going to get myself a new headset!

Dee_912397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Im never ever buying sony headphones again
I think I bought 3 in one year because they kept breaking
3 different types all same problems
1st 1 of the speakers stopped working
2nd first the stereo went away it was all mono then 1 of the speakers stopped working
3rd set a wire shortage i had to fix it with tape then guess what happened next ... a speaker stopped working lol
okay so I bought a 4th pair back in october they still work great but they were the cheapest lol
They were Studio Noise cancelling and Studio Monitor headphones
the ones I have now are just noise cancelling

$60 for a Headset ?
Thats a little too much for me
a great price for headphones tho
I wonder how they sound
I only use my mic wen im playing with friends anyway
I dont like having headphones on wheh im gaming
@ Nathan it wasnt bad luck like a idiot I bought them out of store and didnt read consumer review online
and lots of people had the same issues
they werent cheap headphones either I got them because alot of producers use them

MaxXAttaxX2397d ago


Wow you have terrible luck....

gypsygib2397d ago


I'm not doubting you at all but I've had a set of Sony headphones for 7 years and I treated them like absolute shit; they still work perfectly.

Dee_912397d ago

yea my dad had his sony headphones for years too
but i guess its the studio monitor and noise cancelling headphones that are defective
but those are the only headphones i use because they are perfect for music
and they arent cheap
the ones i bought were $80 at the time
the headphones i have now only costed 30
and they are lasting longer
its weird lol

lmao @ the disagrees
gtta love n4g

newn4gguy2397d ago

I've had my noise cancelling Sony's for a little over a year now.

They are still as amazing as the day I bought them. ;) I mow the lawn with them on, so I can't hear anything...including the lawnmower.

OpenGL2397d ago

Honestly at $65 you would probably get better audio quality from Sony's MDR-V6 studio head phones.

RedSky2397d ago

Consumer headphones especially heavily marketed ones like these are pretty much designed to fall apart within a year with normal use. Rather than investing in a serious pair, everyone seems to just go out and buy the same or similar without having learnt their lesson.

This isn't even getting into the fact that wireless headphones tend to sound anything between mediocre to awful for the price and the fact that having 7.1/5.1/any of that other nonsense in a headphone is a consumer gimmick.

I_find_it_funny2397d ago

they look so sexy, gotta get it, perfect for me as I have no audio setup just TV

potedude2397d ago

3 in one year? They should still be under warranty. Why buy a new pair when they can be replaced under warranty?


ThanatosDMC2397d ago

^ yeah, I was thinking about warranty too. What a liar.

alien6262397d ago

Pre-Order this already great price and they are official Sony product always been looking for something like this cant wait for this to come out and free shipping for PRIME members ;D

@Dmarc sucks for u but i have like 3 or 4 sony headphones and they all work like a charm i think the only one that broke was the first socom headset but idk if its sony product if it is well then i misstread it does headphones and reason they dont work no more

BulletToothtony2397d ago

I don't see how $65 is insane.

They're gonna have more features being the official headset plus if you want a real decent 7.1 sound you'll be looking around $700+ i guess some people don't know much when it comes to technology.

Bull5hifT2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

My Beats By Dre Studios Sound incredible ad the noise canceling technology gets me really immersed, especially with Apple Lossless or those other Audio Files that Dont get Muddy from the tranSfer.... Daft Punk at 46mb each song is Epic, you need to try it

Dee_912397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yea why do you think I got 3 in one year ..

what the hell I gotta lie for lmao
Let these be some sort of Microsoft headphones they were crapping out id have 1000 agrees

I didnt believe it but this is insane

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Knushwood Butt2397d ago

Yeah, shame I got a set of 7.1 wireless headphones earlier this year. They are sweet, but the inclusion of this headset is what I really want.

I normally play with headphones, and having a separate headset is a pain as I have to play with the headphones 'DJ' style only over one ear.

duplissi2397d ago

defeats the purpose... i would just give up using the mic or headphones.... would piss me off too much.

Knushwood Butt2396d ago

Well, I only use the headset when playing Killzone 3 so I can live with it.

Still, these do look nice.

longcat2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )


I still dont understand y the ps3 does not support audio out via bluetooth though

Insomnia_842397d ago


forcefullpower2397d ago

Where can i buy them in the UK :(. I want to order a pair.

FredEffinChopin2397d ago

Same here. Hard to pass on that price for 7-channel surround.

silkrevolver2396d ago

... screw the number, I don’t wanna count. Just matters that they will be over my ears in a few months.

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Aceluffy2397d ago

Thanks a lot for the heads up.

Pre-ordered !! Can't beat that price anywhere

showtimefolks2397d ago

will i be able to use these for my windows 7 pc? or will i need to buy something extra to make it work on a pc like many of turtle beach headsets

2397d ago
perdie2397d ago

"Enjoy your Wireless Stereo Headset on your PC or Mac"

yeah thats what is says

showtimefolks2397d ago

but most of turtle beach ones say the same thing but you have to buy some extra cables to make it work on pc

Blaze9292397d ago

when was this even announced o_O?

Hanif-8762397d ago

I honestly need these for Battlefield 3!

Kos-Mos2397d ago

They look? More important, how do they sound?
Or do you just feel cool wearing these?

MTEC82397d ago

Just pre-ordered! Just bought P11 Turtles about a week ago, it works great but the wire running across the room is a bit annoying.

Sano642396d ago

I know it's not out yet but has anyone found any early reviews? I don't know how they will sound when a good pair of 5.1 headphones costs over $200

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-Alpha2397d ago

Just got the PS3 headset, sort of regretting it now

firemassacre2397d ago

i live in an apartment and would love these so my neighbors dont go all crazy on me.

@alpha why? whats wrong with them, i would like to know to perhaps save money for other ones. advice would be appretiated.

-Alpha2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Well I meant that I could have saved the money for this headset instead.

Though, if you must know, the PS3 Headset 2.0 has a cheap earpiece, but other then that it's great.

Edit: I'm talking about this one btw:

zeeshan2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yes, I am sort of regretting it too. I'd rather get this than only the BT headset because this headset will not just work as a communication (with team members) device but I'd be able to listen to the game music, sound effects without disturbing the wife :D

evrfighter2397d ago

apparently your comment about the earpiece rattled the hornets nest Alpha.

-Alpha2397d ago

Ha, well it's true, the earpiece is a little fragile, I'm afraid I'm going to snap it

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IceMan5162397d ago

I bought that same blue tooth a week ago..... i hate them preferred the original one' iam just going to sell them for 20or 30 bucks to anyone and wait for those headsets i pre-order to arrive

DAS6922397d ago

Least you didn't pay 80 for a pair of crappy TB PX21's

Software_Lover2397d ago

I cant play with headphones on. You just become so distant from your enviornment and cant react when/if you need to.

If you live in an apartment, someone is banging on your door yelling FIRE FIRE................... you're f**ked, lol

Crazyglues2397d ago (Edited 2397d ago )

Yeah that's true but sound has never sound so good.. when it's right on your ear it's like your right there on the battlefield, can hear people sneaking up behind you...

it's a tough call... LoL (hear stuff really well in the real world or hear stuff really well in the game)
-and at $65 bucks with free shipping that's a no-brainier


roguewarrior2397d ago

Proper 7.1 (I.E. Pioneer VSX 1020 k, Polk speakers and 12" sub.) provides far superior sound, than any headset. That said, I think surround sound is a crucial component for proper immersion, I've literally ducked incoming rounds. So if a 5.1/7.1 headset is your only option, go for it, TV speakers just don't cut it.

IceMan5162397d ago

Let APT burn,let it burn baby as long as i go down playing and knifing some one who was trying sneak up on me in mw3 lol

iNFAMOUZ12397d ago

That's still alot of money, I could get a game for that price :/

Buuhan12397d ago

Yes, but with this you could experience all the games you already own in a way you never have before.

Cirran2397d ago

Its very cheap for what it is.

HardCover2397d ago

How do you know? You haven't even tried it yet!

I'd rather wait to see what people say before just assuming, but that's just how I roll.

Fire17922397d ago

@HardCover, I think he means that it's a cheap price for something that's actually very good

NeoTribe2397d ago

If u dont have a sound system of any kind you would not regret this purchase.

Fire17922397d ago

Yep! I have a 22" HDTV you can imagine the sound kinda sucks on it too :P. So this is a steal on my end :D

nikrel2397d ago

Only 7hours, that kinda sucks. Wonder if it drops even more if you are using the headset to chat while playing online.

Fire17922397d ago

I'm pretty sure the mic will be on automatically...and they count the 7 hours in that...