LulzSec May Have Tricked Police Into Arresting The Wrong Guy

It was reported earlier that the a member of the group LulzSec had been arrested in the UK, with the police in the UK believing that he could be involved in the numerous attacks on several publishers like Nintendo, Bethesda, Codemasters and Epic and possibly the PSN. However, the police may have been tricked into taking down the wrong man.

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doctorstrange2607d ago

Sneaky bastards. Still, they'll get their comeuppance in the end.

2607d ago
Motorola2607d ago

Props for using comeuppance right. And i agree

subtenko2607d ago

I always smirk at those pics x)

it should have its own cartoon

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subtenko2605d ago

I know they are called meme's but they should have their own series. Nyan cat anime, lolzsec anime would be funny like robot chicken, the plot could go anywhere. Not every meme is gonna work tho, but someone work. Actually some do already have a cartoon but lulzsec doesnt right now.

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gamingdroid2607d ago

I would hate to be the guy framed for it, if true....

AEtherbane2607d ago

Ahhh, I cant still remember the good ole' days when N4G still had gaming news. Such good memories...

dlohnug2606d ago

"gaming news" reminds me of VG247, thanks alot!

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Trexman892607d ago

out of all the hackers, lulsec deserves the least amount of attention. He is nothing but an attention whore and doesn't even try to stand for internet or gaming issues.

doctorstrange2607d ago

Who are all dicks. They have no real agenda other than to piss people off.
It makes their eventual demise all the more poignant.

Kran2607d ago (Edited 2607d ago )

But then, its like a murderer really.

Police could have got the wrong people for murder too.

You just never know. Look at the UK newspapers now and the hell they are going through to what they did to that man who's reputation is ruined.

R4MBO2607d ago

Hope they find the right guy and jail him for life

doctorstrange2607d ago

LulzSec Exposed people claim to know his real identity - hopefully it's true and the police can track him down.

solar2607d ago

LoL. life for hacking.

doctorstrange2607d ago

If it's the UK, life seems to equate to 10 years

bobrea2607d ago

Maximum trolling if this is true

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The story is too old to be commented.