Free-to-play on Xbox 360 "inevitable"

Free-to-play games supported by micro-transactions on Xbox 360 are "inevitable", according to one developer.

Hi-Rez Studios boss Todd Harris, who is making free-to-play game Tribes: Ascend for PC and Xbox 360, told Eurogamer Microsoft plans to relax its rules regarding Xbox Live because of industry trends.

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BeOneWithTheGun2487d ago

I hate micro-transactions. For fuck's sake, just bill it all into the initial offering price! If I want it I buy the WHOLE PACKAGE.

firemassacre2487d ago

yes microtransactions are a pain to deal with.

SSKILLZ2487d ago

Only if you have to deal with them :)

firemassacre2487d ago

you have a heart of gold....dont let them take it from ya

Hockeydud192487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

60 a year for Live isn't really what most people pay. Heck I jumped on the deal that gave me 2 months for 2 bucks and unless another deal pops up like that i'm not resubscribing when I can play my PS3 online for free. The gold membership should be for accessing demos, and other exclusive combat. Getting better deals etc, it may sound like i'm talking PS Plus , but if your going to charge 60 a year you better have some extra bonuses for those who are subscribed.

I can't see Microsoft losing that much money though. They supply most schools around the country with copies of Windows and Microsoft equipment etc. Most businesses I know of run off microsoft too. Until I see actual proof I'm gonna go on believing Microsoft makes plenty more than that.

Ok I read the article now and if F2P comes to Xbox 360 that'd hopefully encourage more Free to come to the 360. MMO's arent my thing though

thebudgetgamer2487d ago (Edited 2487d ago )

give me a game i can play for free and i will gladly throw some dollars at the developers for micro transaction and what not.

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