Insomniac Games reveal patch fixes and possible tweaks for Resistance 3 beta

Insomniac Games’ James Stevenson reveals details about the patch fixes in addition to possible tweaks for the multiplayer beta of Resistance 3.

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rajman2428d ago

I hope they enable us to level up beyond Rank 20, because its very easy to get there and once you've reached that rank then you cant get anymore unlock points to upgrade weapons etc. Im lvl 20 and I've used up all my unlock points, but I still have weapons that I cant upgrade anymore :(

Kee2428d ago

Dude... It's not the full game.

rajman2428d ago

I know that, which is why they didnt include all the modes & weapons. But the weapons that are available we can upgrade maximum so we should atleast be able to without running out of unlock points indefinetelyt, but like I said because we stop earning unlock points at lvl 20 we cant upgrade anymore, I've fully upgraded a couple of weapons but cant the others as I got no more unlock points...but it is possible to upgrade those other weapons fully if I play on another account and use the points on different guns instead.

user83971442428d ago

Please add capture the flag or meltdown

TheLastGuardian2428d ago

Please make it so no one can be invisible the whole match and make it so it doesn't freeze my PS3 every other match.

user83971442428d ago

If the "invisible" person is around other of his team members and you are alone it will be hard to kill him. My PS3 used to crash after every round was over but now it works fine.

MidnytRain2428d ago

What do you mean the whole match? There's a time and death limit when we use it.

TheLastGuardian2427d ago (Edited 2427d ago )

It's a glitch. I've seen it happen twice. There's some asshole invisible the whole match and he has an absurd amount of kills at the end of the match.

MidnytRain2427d ago

^^ Hmm, I haven't seen that. Hopefully I won't.

Raider692428d ago

I hope they tweak the framerate because it deeps a lot.

trollkill2428d ago

yeah my ps3 freezes after like 2 matches smh

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