New Releases for the Week of July 31st, 2011

Sure, Splash Damage missed their projected date of ‘early July’ for the release of Agents of Change, Brink‘s first downloadable content package. Although the developer is a bit late on delivery, they are still holding true on their free promise, allowing the content to be obtained without cost until August 16th. While the original game didn’t completely floor us, the one-two combo of a reduced price and new environments might send us back to the ark.

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sharpsword2610d ago

I though Torchlight 2 was this week. That's what some sites are saying.

mediastudies2610d ago

Where did you hear that from?

deserteaglexix2610d ago

When a developer says "in July" most databases key in that into as "July 31st", since the developer hasn't given a new date, the end of this month still stands as the release date.

Don't believe the hype, though. They've most recently said "sometime in 2011".