You Want a Renaissance? You've Got it!: How Modern Games Are Cultural History

GP Editor, Marshall Henderson writes about modern gaming, illustrating how it technologically and culturally mirrors the Renaissance Era.

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kesvalk2609d ago

renaissance? more like the dark age of gaming...

crackerface_whitey2609d ago

Its a very dark age for gaming because we are being fed the same experiences again and again with the sequels and safe choices from the developers. There's almost nothing truly innovative, like I want to see something I could never have thought up in a game.

Tyre2609d ago (Edited 2609d ago )

You guys are so short-sighted, he's talking about the medium games in the scope of the last 3 centuries and sees that it is the accumulation of all media/art plus science of the last 3 centuries combined, gaming is the newest art and goes beyond most conventional media like music/paintings/books/papers/m ovies/tv. In that light games pawn all media because the marriage of art & sciences vice versa plus 'above all' =>real participation of the audience in the medium!(something not possible with push media like paintings/movie/tv)that alone is more innovation in culture than we've seen with conventional art(paintings/literature)for the last 3 centuries(not counting theater and music).