Mind-Blowing GTA4 Mod Is Out Now

DSOGaming writes: "Remember all those breathtaking shots of GTA4? Oh, I'm sure you do. Well get ready to take a taste of it, as gionight has finally released his mod and everyone can experience GTA4 the way it should be."

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trainsinrdr2543d ago

That is unbelievable!
Shame you can mod consoles but still OMFG!
I honestly thought that was real life i mean look at the wheely bin and dumbster just WOW...

F4sterTh4nFTL2543d ago

Even you could mod console games to look like this the consoles would probably commit suicide due to the stress induced by the game.

DoomeDx2543d ago

Just look at that!
Dont know if its the same mod though

Damn N4G, this is not spam!

Hanif-8762543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

@ DoomeDx It is in fact the same mod. However, that screenshot is from the unfinished build of the latest mod though, which is in fact finished now and ready to download.

Here is the final build

inveni02542d ago

Can you play this on Windows 7 yet? I haven't tried using the PC version of this game since I first attempted installing it on Windows 7 and it failed.

pr0digyZA2542d ago

Not sure about the mod but I am sure you can. The game however you definitely can no problems.

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egidem2542d ago

Someone should let Rockstar be aware of this guy's work! It's incredible what he's done with these mods!

steve30x2543d ago

This would probably make my computer cry lol. I still think Icenhancer looks better.

ExitToExisT2543d ago

wow cant believe the thumbnail is actual screen from the game

peowpeow2543d ago

Haha yeah, thought it was real

Urrakia342543d ago

Why are people so obsessed with making GTAIV as realistic as possible?

omi25p2543d ago

because GTAIV was the last rockstar game on pc and rockstar has a devoted pc audience.

Boletarian2543d ago

by last do you mean that Rockstar is no longer going to make GTA games for PC?

omi25p2543d ago

I dont know if GTA V will be on PC, But i know Red Dead Redemption and L.A. Noire arent on PC

andslasher1232543d ago

actually LA Noire is releasing on PC lol

blumatt2543d ago

I don't know. I just wish the gameplay would go back to being fun like in San Andreas. Bring back skydiving, various environments, parachutes, relationships, weight lifting, etc.

Imikida2542d ago

Definitly, I hope they bring back the rpg elements too.

ATi_Elite2543d ago

I'm currently running Icenhancer .125 but DAM this looks real.

gonna stick with Icenhancer 1.25 cause over all i think it looks better and has good performance.

but very nice mod though!!

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The story is too old to be commented.