Dead Island: Worthy of the hype?

If you've watched that trailer - and many of you have, and read about Wired magazine going on record to say the video is the best game trailer they've ever seen... Well, you might have suspected there was a little more emotional resonance to Deep Silver's zombie opus Dead Island than in, say, the two Left 4 Dead titles or in Dead Rising.

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trainsinrdr2576d ago

It isn't getting enough hype imo.

subtenko2576d ago

I agree, it isnt getting enough hype. Anyone whos played a zombie game or a zombie-like game will love DeadIsland! Take all the dead rising, resident evil,and most of the COD fanbase..they'll all love this game (if not, most will)

New info game out about the game, and I was like "wtf!!! I didnt know about all this stuff!!" I doubt everyone knows all the stuff that happens/you can do in this game.

I'll give a bit of info right now, If you like MINECRAFT,theres a good chance you will like DeadIsland!

"what? what?! huh!?" <--- yea, see... :D

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ATi_Elite2576d ago

Sorry but for me (i speak for me and not everyone) DI just doesn't cut it. I've searched the net and found enough game play video to make me say..."Nah I'm not buying this mess".

The fact that i had to probe the Internet for the game play video lets me know that the game sucks.

rabidpancakeburglar2576d ago

Can't really say if it's worthy of the hype until it's out or when reviews come out

Lionhead2576d ago

The premise and coop intrigue me greatly.

The gameplay footage I have seen for it on the other hand has left me undecided now.

MysticStrummer2576d ago

Looks fun to me. Worthy of the hype? Too soon to tell.

Raider692576d ago (Edited 2576d ago )

No!This game was cancelled at one point and then they decided to go a head 8 months ago due to the sucess of L4dead games.It seems a rush and still in progress work and after the latest fail by techland on Call of Juarez the Cartel in not betting on this horse before i have full proves that it works.And why should i have a bat to beat bunch of zombies that are surrounding me wend a pump action shotgun does the trick more effective,, all this melee main focus sound to me that this gameplay is going to get boredom and repeated.10% guns and 90% melee dont appeal to me.

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The story is too old to be commented.