Five reasons why the Nintendo 3DS is Bob-ombing with gamers

Nintendo is taking drastic measures to save the 3DS, including an $80 price cut. But will it be enough? Here's why the Nintendo 3DS has failed to connect with gamers so far, and why a lower $170 price tag won't be enough to save it.

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EYEamNUMBER12610d ago

170 is still too expensive? uhh im currently broke not a dime to spare on anything that isn't vital and at 170 i think its a steal
heck I THINK the XL is currently the same price

-Alpha2610d ago

3DS is suffering through a drought, but I'm amazed at how people are using this to wishfully claim Nintendo's doom. Some people actually think that the product is going to be discontinued because of such a major price cut.

Fact of the matter is that the games are currently not all there, and the price was too steep. The price cut is a lot more sensible now and the games are coming by the end of 2011. I don't know why people are saying the 3DS needs "saving", it's currently competing with itself and it's not like Nintendo cannot suffer through a rough patch for a bit.

Tony-Red-Grave2610d ago

there was a time when the ps3 when in a drought and look at it now sure its not seeling alot, BUT sony has rebuilt interest in the playstation brand and the ps3 itself has some of the best game.

maybe i should have worded differently though and said "but sony has rebuilt interest in the brand by publishing great 1st party games to help it through the drought"

axisofweevils2610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

Terrible article.
The author admits he hasn't tried a 3DS so how can he comment on it?
And Nintendo didn't give people a reason to carry a 3DS around with them?
Errm, Streetpass says Hi! Unlocking new features in games you own is a big incentive.

jacksonmichael2610d ago

Yeah, Streetpass really is a great idea - I always have my 3DS with me, in sharp contrast with how often I use my PSP.

Stealth2k2610d ago

Not to mention all talk is cheep since the 3ds will be the top selling unit sold in japan this year and outpacing the ds at the same time frame.

jwk942610d ago

Didnt the original DS have streetpass also...?

axisofweevils2610d ago

It's just one reason why the 3DS isn't just a 3D DS.

kneon2610d ago

Nope, but I recall seeing the specs for cell phones in Japan 10 years ago that had this sort of capability, I don't know if it ever made it to market though.

SSIDEUP2610d ago

Wow, if this piece is representative of this site's writing, I can honestly say it's a place to avoid. It's worse than and that's saying something...

That having been said, the article is filled with some of the worst opinions I've ever had the misfortune to read. This writer has no clue what it is they're talking about, having never even played a 3DS and not understanding the concept of a price drop.

Honestly, STAY AWAY from this site. It's sad and pathetic crap.

metsgaming2610d ago

to use smartphones as a reason why it isnt selling is a weak excuse but to say its a reason why "GAMERS" arent buying it is even more of a joke. You think actual gamers are going to choose smartphone fro games over a dedicated handheld come on !

clearelite2610d ago

I know this gamer wouldn't choose a smart phone over a dedicated handheld. Also, at $170 this device is very enticing and as soon as I have some extra money I will get one. I'm sick of even the mention of smartphones in these articles and I'm pretty sure there are millions of others like me who would rather game on a DS or NGP.

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The story is too old to be commented.