Pokemon Black/White Lifetime Sales Over 12 Million, Mario Kart Wii Over 28 Million

Amidst all the bad news for Nintendo lately, here’s a lone bright spot- along with Ocarina of Time 3D, which was reported to have sold in excess of a million units worldwide yesterday, two more Nintendo games- Pokemon Black and White for the DS, the latest blockbuster installment in the long running franchise; and Mario Kart Wii, Nintendo’s latest evergreen entry in its long running mascot kart racer series- have shipped in excess of a million units in the past quarter, bringing up their lifetime sales totals to some impressive numbers.

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aviator1892610d ago (Edited 2610d ago )

That's just insane. Considering how old pokemon is, I'm still amazed to see how well the games do even now.

ABizzel12609d ago

Pokemon is the fastest selling franchise of all time. Mario has sold the best but has WAYYYYYY more games, Pokemon is right behind it.

Optical_Matrix2610d ago

And this is why Nintendo isn't going anywhere, anytime soon. Sony and MS can only dream to get those sorts of numbers with their first party titles.

nopunctuation2609d ago

But what about 3rd party titles?

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ABizzel12609d ago

That's because you have no choice with Nintendo. MS seems to be headed in the same direction by giving you only one type of game to play.

Whereas Sony gives you multiple games to choose from:

(Killzone, Resistance, SOCOM, MAG/)

(Uncharted, Warhawk, )

(LBP, Ratchet, Sly, Jak)

(Gran Turismo, Twisted Metal, ModNation, Motorstorm)

Action Adventure
(God of War, inFamous, Yakuza)

(Folklore, Heavy Rain, Demon Souls)

Microsoft and Nintendo can't say the same thing, except Nintendo with Platformers.

StarWolf2609d ago

nah i have a ps3 and i would BUY all those games if i didnt play the betas or demos and realize they are overrated. Each game on sony usually sells 1-2 million but its not because of a "large selection" to choose from.

And Socom isnt a FPS, Twisted metal isnt a racing game. Do YOU even buy em? I know socom4 is terrible but Socom2 was a GEM.

Sly and Jak dont have a PS3 game, so remove those from platformer. You have LBP and Ratchet which both dont sell a lot (in comparison)either. Pokemon is an RPG which the DS has MANY of. Explain why it sells a lot?

ABizzel12609d ago

None of those games are overrated, and if Sony focused on 1 game per genre then they too would be able to sell in the 10+ million area for sells as with Nintendo franchises.

SOCOM as a FPS was a mistake, I was in the SOCOM 4 beta, and knew it was a TPS, but I'm sure I played one of the PSP versions multiplayer beta and it was First Person (though I could be mistaken). The only reason I listed Twisted Metal as racing was because of the cars, we all know it's vehicular combat.

I said Sony, therefore all the games I listed are on a PlayStation platform whether it's PS3, PSP, PS2, etc... (btw Sly is coming to the PS3). LBP sold over 4 million copies, Ratchet and Clank sold over 2 million and as a franchise it's sold over 17 million copies.

Pokemon is an RPG which the DS has MANY of. Explain why it sells a lot?

Pokemon sells well because it's a Nintendo IP, and it's a good game although the formula is extremely repetitive. The DS has sold over 100 million handhelds, so why is it that every other RPG on the system outside of Nintendo's struggled to break the 1 million mark. And out of those only one other game made it out of the 2 million mark (A final Fantasy title). People who buy Nintendo consoles buy them specifically for Nintendo games, and with the success of the Wii party games, which is why third parties don't generally work with Nintendo.

To be honest I don't even know why I'm trying to explain myself here. There's a reason third parties struggle on Nintendo platforms, and there's a reason third parties don't put their best efforts onto Nintendo platforms.

With Sony you have great franchises, and the best of third parties so it's harder to sell 10+ million games when there's so much choice. With Nintendo you don't have it, because generally the only good games on their consoles are Nintendo games. And to say Sony franchises are overrated shows how childish you are and why you only have 2 bubbles.

iNFAMOUZ12609d ago

:S with that kind of money they don't even need to release a powerhouse next gen console for some time, jesus.

ipe2609d ago

Nothing strange, its N first party game and wii got no third party support(or weak at best, uncomparable to 360,ps3). Without too much competition its going to sell a lot.
Its same story with almost every N home console, people buy them for N exclusives and other platforms for like everything else.

But kudos for nintendo.

Pyscho_Mantis2609d ago

Again only the mainstream Nintendo games sell....third party and some lesser known First party games do not sell well not to mention Mario Kart had an added peripheral in it.

jacksonmichael2609d ago

You're really saying that people actually bought Mario Kart Wii for the Wii Wheel? That's as psycho as thinking the Y comes before the S in psycho.

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