State of Gaming '11: The Xbox Brand

Nerds on the Rocks continues its series, State of Gaming, by looking at where Microsoft and the Xbox stand in the current generation. Nerds on the Rocks also glazes into the crystal ball to see what the future may hold for the console.

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LeonhartX2424d ago

i think they will stay in a steady pace until the end of this generation

firemassacre2424d ago

there pace has changed dramatically since the last 2 years. they've gone almost full blown casual. so the face is different from when the 360 launched and now.

GameTavern2424d ago

I don't think focusing on Kinect would be a huge problem if they did it correctly.

But it seems like they are content to send out games for the device, once a year, and that will appease the masses.

They need to work on having a more well-rounded release schedule in general.

IAmTheTruth2424d ago

Sony's gonna pass Microsoft and bump them to third place where they belong.

Microsoft cant sell like trash in Japan and Europe and have it not catch up to them.

HaloSpartan2424d ago

They aren't selling bad in Europe. PS3 will stay last place forever like they have been the last 5-6 years. Reasons are poor marketing,poor u.s sales which is the biggest and most important market. They let Microsoft figure out the console industry,it's all trouble from here and in the future.

2424d ago
AO1JMM2424d ago

Whats your point? So Sony will eventually pass Microsoft and its xbox, How many years later? Eventually MS will launch its next XBOX and Sony will be behind yet again.


ilikegam3s2424d ago

You know the US market is the world's largest, so it doesn't matter for Europe and Japan, even though it would be a good thing.

OT: If the US market fails then the whole world is in debt/screwed, aka global recession.

HaloSpartan2424d ago

@Apophis -headstart was years agoo. ps2 had a one year headstart on xbox 1 and you didn't see people complaining. They had years to still catch up and didn't. 360 is still ahead in UK and continues to outsell ps3 there. UK is the biggest market in Europe. Point is ps3 is in last place WW till this day and will remain there.

firemassacre2424d ago


"Point is ps3 is in last place WW till this day and will remain there."

BS how come when the 360 came out it had a lead of 8 MILLION on ps3 and now some type of voodoo magic happens and the ps3 is only 2-3 MILLION behind?

when something sells better is the gap supposed to increase? or decrease? nevermind do not answer that im sure you could not figure it out.

in short yes the ps3 is OUTselling your xbox360. year on year. disagrees will not change this fact.

Tito082421d ago (Edited 2421d ago )

I don't play sales anyways, when it comes to the games, I think PS3 has the upper hand, and you know it, keep playing your Halo as your username indicates... Look at the Wii, has a bigger install base, but the games aren't there with the exception of the first parties, 3rd party games don't sell well on Nintendo platforms except a few.

Microsoft's heardstart was at the expense of bad hardware and the consumers, releasing it very soon to market with hardware failures was a huge mistake in their part, you're using the PS2 as an excuse to make your point when in reality it was competing with the Sega Dreamcast at the time it released!!!!! You and Microsoft can keep your headstart and sales for all I care!!!!

GameTavern2424d ago

How did this turn into a discussion on whether Sony or Microsoft will come in 2nd this generation?