Play Test: Why You Should Want Xenoblade to Come to the U.S.

Our hands-on with the European version of the MIA title reveals on the of best RPGs in years. (

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LeonhartX2572d ago

Actually it's not the only one...
Still waiting for vesperia ps3 (although i have the 360 version but the ps3 one has extras)
also there is the last story in NA...
the state of JRPGs is really depressing

tiffac2572d ago

Well hopefully we get this one in first then Last Story will be sure to follow. I'm not sure about Pandora though.

As for ToV on the PS3. I'm not sure what's stopping Bamco there. Another JRPG we ain't getting is Valkyria Chronicles on the PSP, Sega hasn't made any news about the localization of that one too.

jc485732571d ago

I actually want Last Story first just cause I suck up to Sagakuchi. I like the boob physics in the game too.

tiffac2570d ago

Lol! No argument on the physics part. XD

Darkseeker2571d ago

You really should give up on Vesperia and stop waiting. It was definitely said it wasn't coming. Beside, the game is 3 years old and already released here.

Canary2571d ago

Vesperia (PS3) will never be licensed outside of Japan due to a contract with Microsoft.

There is no such reason to keep Xenoblade out, and many reasons to publish it over here. It's really unfathomable.

Darkseeker2571d ago

It's not because it's a contract with Microsoft. The person who said that said on facebook she was wrong and it was not true.

If it's not coming, it's probably due to the fact it's a port of a 3 years old game that was already released in USA. That would obviously not sell enough. Of course some fans like us would buy it, but that wouldn't be enough to go above the 100K sales.

Stealth2k2571d ago

What are you talking about?

The state of jrpgs is really quite great right now

This gen more jrpgs have been localized than ever ( from more series we never got)

The reviews have been great

And tons are in development right now

Canary2571d ago

lol, what?

Did you somehow miss the Playsation or Playstation 2 generations?

Stealth2k2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

The ps2 gen didnt have as many games from unlocalized series as we got this gen.

The ps2 left the majority of its rpgs in japan.

And in total this gen got more jrpgs

phantomexe2571d ago

Wasn't there a read a while back saying it was comeing to the U.S later this year?

The Great Melon2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

There was an unofficial confirmation from a source within Nintendo that localization has already happened for a North American release of Xenoblade and they were just begining to enter the localization process for Last Story. Just go look at the Operation Rainfall website and scroll down a couple posts.

Shnazzyone2571d ago (Edited 2571d ago )

Reason number 1 that I want it here. I've started to play gamecube games on my wii again out of lack of new options.

Mario4life2571d ago

why we should want it??, hello we have been calling for it for a year now lol :P