Yoda Rendered in CryEngine 3

A dedicated user of the CryEngine 3 engine has decided to make a face of someone that most gamers would recognize.

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Iroquois_Pliskin2572d ago

I felt the force on this one

inveni02571d ago

I'm not impressed. The choice of lighting is terrible, and there's nothing in this scene but a bust of Yoda. This doesn't make me think anything "amazing" about CE3. It just makes me think someone imported a Yoda model to CE3 and added some weird lights and pretended it was awesome just because it was Star Wars meets CE3... but that's not awesome... it's meh.

Kurylo3d2571d ago

crappy model at that... the only thing that looks good is the shaders, the lighting and the actual model suck... i applaud crytek for the engine and what it can do... big thumbs down to the artist and 2 thumbs down for the artist thinking he made something good enough to show people.

NukaCola2571d ago

Heck yeah. But it'll be Jedi Knight IV. Or Republic Commando 2

milohighclub2571d ago

I thought it looked pretty cool, all you guys been negative bout it. I'd love to see you guys do better...just sayin.

inveni02571d ago

Some of us do this stuff for a living. We're not all 40-year old dudes that wear women's underwear and live in our grandmother's basement.

milohighclub2571d ago

@inveni0 yeah cool for you. but not everyone here who's been negative does.

inveni02571d ago

Few critics can do the things they critique. Do you tell people, "Let's see you do better," when they critique Transformers 2? I doubt it. Sure, we can't do better, but that doesn't mean what's there is good. When someone puts something up for everyone to see, they have to be willing to except both praise and criticism from people that are well versed in the medium.

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ATi_Elite2572d ago

Looks pretty darn good but add in the DX11 tessellation for more depth on his face and you got yourself a winner.

Blaze9292572d ago

it wasn't all that impressive...maybe its just me though

SilentNegotiator2572d ago

It really just....doesn't LOOK that much like Yoda. I mean, yeah, they got the pointy ears and the GENERAL shape of his head, but something is clearly off.

khan_saab2572d ago

why would this person render yoda?
they should pick something more challenging if they truly want to show off this engine

Wenis2572d ago

Because it wasn't the guy's intention to truly show off the engine

theonlylolking2572d ago

Awesome is Yoda. What more could you want?!

JBaby3432572d ago

DMM in Star Wars games.

Marceles2572d ago

It's a comparison to ILM's Yoda. You clearly don't know what went into making the CGI Yoda in episode 2 and 3

DrRichtofen2572d ago

Hrrmmmm the force is strong with this engine

Getowned2572d ago

Indeed it is powerful as the emperor has for seen.

Pl4sm42572d ago

and the death star too .... but dont shoot the central core

EDD2132572d ago

Do master chief or marcus or helghast or nathan drake

BeOneWithTheGun2572d ago

Panda, you fricking kill me. You just did a double troll, lol. Bubbles. Now quit picking on console fanboys!

JBaby3432572d ago

Helghast would be nice to see rendered with this engine.

EDD2132571d ago

Not a console fan boy just wanna see what they look like.

EDD2132571d ago

The only way that'd be laughable is if I were to fall for it. I just want to see what they would look like. Nothing more. I don't even play consoles, so, the only trolling that you'll be successful of is on whoever comments out of rage.

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