SquareGo: Battlefield 3 vs. Modern Warfare 3 - Who gives a toss?

SquareGo writes:

"Apparently, the big sales battle this Christmas will be between Modern Warfare 3 (Call of Duty 4.3?) and Battlefield 3 - both are huge franchises, with a lot of fans and massive marketing budgets providing the clout. So, what are the big issues being discussed around these two games? How the games will play? How the online modes will compete against each other?


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Nate-Dog2609d ago

Well you obviously do for writing an article about it.

zerocrossing2609d ago

Best dictates one has to be better than the other, but I get your point and agree :)

bloodybutcher2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

perhaps he means that the best choice is to get them both;)
edit: damn,i failed to notice his answer:P

zerocrossing2608d ago

Lol! its ok I should'nt have said anything :)

ATi_Elite2609d ago

You just can't rule out Skyrim as it will be the best multi-plat RPG this holiday season.

Skyrim could easily do 12 million or more.

Motorola2608d ago

Being a SP only game, piracy will murder that game's sales. If they release a demo or benchmarking tool, that could save sales too because a lot of people don't know how well it will run and they pirate it.

Loko232608d ago

only nerds play RPG (:

bloodybutcher2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

only uneducated use generalisation..uhmm..wait a minute...DAMN IT!

zerocrossing2609d ago

Well, maybe I could give more of a toss. But the hype and the fanboys, It just gets on my nerves.

Inside_out2608d ago (Edited 2608d ago )

EA-Dice has started all this nonsense coming out and trash talking calling devs lazy, they are the only ones doing destruction and the best one, that their engine is a next gen engine in the current gen. They have been trying to discredit COD based on footage that is looking at this point, nothing more than a pipe dream for a very select few...if that.

Activision and their devs has been the classy bunch in all of this. They are the peoples champs and have conducted themselves with dignity and been respectful of the gaming community by showing them game play that is REAL and all will enjoy. EA-Dice has acted like the parasites that they are.

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