New Challenger: DLC, An Untapped Resource?

Default Prime author Chris Stewart looks at why DLC hasn't been used to its full potential by most publishers yet. Sure, nearly all games have DLC now, but very few games come with a long game plan like Rockstar managed with Red Dead Redemption. "Remember the days when you bought a console game and what was on the disc was all you got until the sequel or a disc-based expansion was released? DLC is changing the way we think about disc-based games and is generally regarded as a bit of a black sheep; most people now cynically expect new releases to have some form of downloadable content that makes its way into the limelight before the month is out. We never used to have this privilege, yet people complain that it’s paid for; I, myself, have been amongst those people, but I’ve had a long, hard think about it and I’ve decided that DLC is, in fact, very beneficial to the state of gaming, despite what many of you might think."

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