Pach-Attack! - Episode 223

Why did Valve make Team Fortress 2 Free to Play? Plus, will Battlefield 3 suffer from not being on Steam? Pachter always sinks his free-throws on the Attack.

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Agent-862543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Sorry Pachter, but I call BS. First, I think your estimate of 8 million sold for BF3 is low and think it will sell north of 10 million (BF3 will sell more than BFBC2 which is already at 8+ million; other analysts are predicting 11 million for BF3). But, the biggest BS he spouted is that PC sales will only make up 10% of total sales. Where did he get this crap? Did he see the sales for BFBC2 on PC? They were about a 1/3 the total and actually outselling the PS3 version (360-3.5mil, PS3-2.8mil, and PC-3.1mil). If anything, with the PC being the lead platform, you'd think PC sales for BF3 will be even more than that for BFBC2. I think that PC sales for BF3 will be at least 4 million, not the puny 800k that Pachter thinks. He must be mixing up BF3 with MW3. That one I could see the PC being 10% of total sales. Lots of PC gamers (this one included) have lost faith in COD and will be skipping MW3.

Pandamobile2543d ago (Edited 2543d ago )

Pachter doesn't know anything about anything.

Look at BFBC2, according to the number off players being tracked by, there are at least 9.4 million BFBC2 players, with roughly 3.1 million of those being PC.

If he thinks BF3 will only sell <1M units on PC, he's quite literally retarded.

My guess is that by the end of 2012, BF3 will have sold a solid 12-14 million units, with at least 4 to 5 million on PC.

Sanii2543d ago

He has the best job in the world. Make crazy guesses and hope they come true. He then gets a lot of money.

egidem2542d ago

Patcher will make everything sound like it has been foretold...he's the Messiah or something. Then when his predictions just tank (like always), he's like 'I was having a bad day, that's all'.

BubbleSniper2542d ago (Edited 2542d ago )

why is Patcher even commenting on the mighty Valve?

he needs to stick to failing to correctly predict console numbers and features and announcements and probably everything else he predicts regarding consoles and gaming.

news4geeks2542d ago

he was right about the Berlin Wall at least.