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You see a parent buying a terrible game for his kid: What do you do?

Everyone has already been in the following situation. You are in a game store and you're just planning to buy the latest Uncharted, Fallout, FIFA, Call of Duty or Battlefield and suddenly you see a parent with his or her child who hesitates between the games Hannah Montana and Harry Potter: The Deathly Hallows Part 1. What of the five following options do you choose? (3DS, Nintendo DS, PC, PS2, PS3, PSP, Wii, Xbox 360)

rabidpancakeburglar  +   1091d ago
6) Obliterate them
zerocrossing  +   1091d ago
And no one would blame you.
jakerhodes  +   1090d ago
I'd either just leave them to it or ask them if their child asked for the game. If they said no I'd tell them the games aren't very good and recommend them something more appropriate depending on the child's age.
fear88  +   1090d ago
You know, when I was growing up and I had my first game system there wasn't "This game got rave reviews" or "Its just a movie tie in to get some quick cash". My parents bought plenty of duds and bought some outright gems.

I wish we "gamers" would stop telling people what to buy and play. We should accept that people learn their own tastes by experience. Not by some snot behind the store counter or some pompous prick telling everyone what they think is the best game of all time.

Let the parents do what they do and let the kids learn what they like from trial and error. Just like the old gamers had to.

When I have kids I will definitely stand by the box ratings but the content of the games are just going to be a hit and miss on my kids choice (except when its a surprise by me, then its sure to be gold).
Vitalogy  +   1090d ago
Do nothing, because:

1 - I would not like anyone to do it with me;
2 - the son might like the genre/style;
3 - none of my business;
4 - it's rude to approach someone and just say "hey, don't buy that it sucks";
5 - what sucks for you might not suck to the next and vice-versa

I could probably go on with a few more examples supporting my attitude but this will do.
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Quagmire  +   1090d ago
What if yoru parents spend their hard earned money on a full priced game, for instance Damnation at...$100, non-refundable, and you realised someone there couldve told your parents the game was shit.
kingdavid  +   1090d ago
Kids would probably have a higher tolerance for crappy games then adults.

Generally i find as you get older, you get pickier and get more of an acquired taste. If you;re a kid, you wouldnt really give a fk about jaggies and crap voice acting.
nickjkl  +   1090d ago
idk but whenever im about to buy a bad video game an old black guy jumps out the bushes saying nah nigga dont do that thats 5 to 10
wallis  +   1090d ago
I still get things like avatar: the movie: the game and they still just sit there in their wrapper. It's part of the process. Hell it's even part of the fun. I got games like dark messiah just from my sister thinking it'd make a good present and it did. I bet if you'd asked the store clerk he would have (like most critics) recommended giving it a skip. Sometimes letting an observer pick at random can produce better results than letting some 'expert' make suggestions.
jacksonmichael  +   1090d ago
Semi-related: I recently got Conker's Bad Fur Day for dirt cheap because a father didn't want his son playing it. I can respect that, especially when I get a good deal on such a great game.
PR_FROM_OHIO  +   1090d ago
MInd my damn business there kids not mine! I will b damned if i let somebody tell me how to raise my kids so i why would i care what they buy there kids!!!!!!!!!
StarWolf  +   1089d ago
I will neve say anything. People have different tastes, i think Cod is terrible. Most people think its heaven. I thought KZ1 was the best online game ever, most people didnt even play it but called it garbage.
Hicken  +   1089d ago
I tend to choose option #4. Of course, I'm usually the one selling them the game, but even if I'm not at work, I've worked too long in retail. That, and I'd hate to take hope a crappy game because some a-hole thought it would be funny for me to waste money.

I'm the type of person who pulls over to help stranded motorists, even if I'm late for work. Just today I spent money I didn't have on a customer's kid, because they were short on cash and he really wanted a game. It was only five bucks, but that's money that should be going into my gas tank (and my car needs the gas, too).

Not to put myself up on any sort of pedestal, but if people thought like that more often, the world would be a better place.
Huntmaster17  +   1089d ago
I know as a kid I had a few duds lol.. Deathtrap Dungeon on Playstation was probably the worst game in my library.

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