June 2011 Shipment Update for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft

Shipment figures for Nintendo, Sony and Microsoft have arrived. It was a very quiet quarter overall, with no hardware platform shipping even 2m units for the quarter. Wii, DS, PS3, and PS2 were each down year over year, with X360 and PSP up a touch. 3DS shipments also dropped substantially from its launch quarter.

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EasilyTheBest2606d ago

The Fan Girls are strong in this post.

Brilliant reading do keep it up.

50Terabytespersec2606d ago

PS2 just won't stop!! Damn I can't believe it !! talk about 10 year cycle!!

Jocosta2606d ago

Again they are undertracking the Ps3 and overtracking the 360, Ps3 overtook the 360 earlier this year WW.

newleaf2606d ago

Lol yeah not according to OFFICIAL SONY numbers...but what do SONY know right? No we're better off believing Jocosta from N4G

Clarence2606d ago

Well the PS3 is outselling the 360 for 2011 just like it did last year. Every year vgchartz under tracks the PS3, Yet the PS3 ends up outselling the 360.

2606d ago
Seece2606d ago

Senseless rubbish.

Sony '51.86 million PS3's shipped'
Microsoft '55.3 million 360's shipped'
Gap = 3.44Mill

VGC gap as of June 30th when these financials go up to
Gap = 3.3Mill

So VGC have more 360's on shelves/storage, transit ect, than PS3's.

Seece2606d ago

Oh, my point was, no VGC isn't undertracking PS3. (if it was blatantly obvious)

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newleaf2606d ago

Microsoft having their best year yet in their 6th year...thats impressive. Oldest console on the block shipping as many units as its competitors, thats not bad for a console 'with no gamez'

ilikegam3s2606d ago

I agree with you for ms having their best year in their 6th year. However I disagree that MS/x360 has no games.

SuperSaiyan42606d ago

Soo many years have passed yet we are still here?? Looking at who has sold more and who has sold less?? Absolutly pathetic if you ask me and an absolute waste of time.

Many 'GAMERS' own more than one console this gen, I have a 360 S, PS3 slim and a gaming PC that I recently built.

Actually why don't we look at how many graphics cards Nvidia and Ati have sold? *rolls eyes*

I have to say though thank the heavens we dont see PC part sales data on here...

Seece2606d ago

Er, do you even get the importance of these numbers? The big 3 don't release them to satisfy fanboys.

Jocosta2606d ago

Troll success! I was just seeing what the response would be lmao.

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