PC Gaming Stereotypes

Harry from Final Smash takes a look at the stereotypes of PC gaming.

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ATi_Elite2547d ago

Let me be very clear when i say this...."I am the PC Elitist" but i didn't switch to PC gaming for better graphics, I switched to PC Gaming for the Games the PC had that were not on any console and for the control over my Gaming. The graphics were just an added bonus.

When a PC gamer post spec it's so the others can get an ideal of what level of Gaming they play at. if your running an integrated Intel GMA 500 GPU well then I'm not gonna ask you stupid questions like
"well how does Metro 2033 run on your PC"? People post specs to get a feel for the other person's game experience mostly, see if anyone wants to know how a piece of hardware works in real life, but never to brag.

Hell any dual core CPU can run a game so there is no sense in bragging about having $1000 CPU.

I really do not understand the intent of this guys article but the only thing that made sense was yeh Team Fortress 2 is free and if you start playing it well you just might become a PC Gamer.

VainZiler2547d ago

Honestly, don't ask me, I didn't write it. A fellow contributor of the site I write for did.

ATi_Elite2547d ago

Well call him up and ask him just exactly what points was he trying to get across or was this just Flaimbait for web hits?

Cause I'm a PC Gamer and i only get mad when people make up lies about PC Gaming.

Solid_Snake-2547d ago

well said and why cant people just let us get our PC gaming on.

ATi_Elite2547d ago

History has taught me one thing......People generally administer hate towards the group they wish they were apart of.

evrfighter2547d ago

Sandy bridge 2500k @ 4.7ghz
4gb ddr3

Just by seeing that, fellow pc gamers know the level at which I run my games.

news4geeks2547d ago

"Please console gamers don’t think the PC fanbase is full of elitist dicks that are aroused by their specs."


Hicken2547d ago

^This. It seems rare- at least here on N4G- that that is NOT what a PC gamer is.

Lucreto2547d ago

I only clicked on this story to get a better look at the Kitty in a space suit. :3

banjadude2547d ago

lol me too.

Since the article didn't have a bigger picture, here you go:

joab7772547d ago

I constantly think about switching to PC gaming. Money isn't really an issue, but I'm sure that the day I buy a rig, they will announce the new consoles at $700 a pop, and then money for all three may become an issue. These are the reasons i want one: better graphics, the simple fact that w all 3 i will never miss a game, mods, mods, mods, and possible mmo's which i have never played but i am a huge rpg enthusiast. These are the cons that have stopped me. I work alot and am already behind and fall has yet to happen, graphics may b better but only during this small window, it is a huge investment as I'm not going to get yesterdays tech, my friends do not play on PC ( this is huge), i have built up alot of trophies and achievements and had a hard time splitting between the two. Mmos are alluring but again my time is limited. Everytime i think about an investment, i think about the next generation and wonder how much they will move towards and begin to merge w the PC. It is inevitable that one day consoles and PC will co-exist. I cannot get rid of my consoles because of friends, trophies, and exclusives, and its already hard enough to manage my time (& i have 7 games reserved this fall). I alsways conclude that if i am not happy w the ps4 or 720, i will get a PC, unless its 2014 % they are no where in sight. But, i believe that by 2013, the playing field will b leveled once again and I'd rather have a PlayStation and Xbox. Now, which of those should i get 1st.

thebudgetgamer2547d ago

every stereo type has some level of truth to it.

BlueEye2547d ago

That truth would be the minority, like the stereotype that all muslims are terrorists (random top of my head stereotype), over a billion muslims and perhaps around 10k of them are extremists of varying levels. That's less then 1% of the populations.

Any real PC Elitist jackass is a tiny minority, and then there is the trolls.

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