Copyright Infringement IS Theft, You Filthy Pirates.

Gaming Irresponsibly's Frank breaks down the issues of morality and entitlement the plagues the gaming industry.

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jacksheen00002547d ago (Edited 2547d ago )

We all know that Copyright Infringement is a bad thing. But if the laws become too strict and prevent anyone for downloading any copyrighted material, it will affect the entire internet; simply because one of the major thing that is considerably fun to do on the internet is downloading.
This, of course, will make the internet experiences to become dull and boring.That something I hope the law realizes because "a bad thing can also be a Good thing too"

thorstein2546d ago

I think Harvard conducted a study about illegal downloads vs sales lost and their conclusion was something like:

Most of the illegally downloaded material wouldn't have been purchased by the downloaders so there is no monetary loss.

I don't agree with going after Youtube and that ilk because of Youtube I heard Band of Horses for the first time and now I own two of their albums.

matgrowcott2546d ago

"NOT a big deal?! I have something to show you, and I don't think you're going to like it."

wallis2546d ago

I tell you what, we'll give games companies all the control they want and we'll take people like razor1911 and skidrow and lock them up and we'll see what gaming looks like in ten years.

badjournalism2546d ago

Dictionary definition does not equal legal definition. Nice try, but you lose.