Super Mario 3D Land Impressions - Cubed3

"Many people have pointed to the fact that there was no Mario adventure at the launch of the GameCube as being one of the main reasons why it failed to amass strong sales early in its lifetime. The Nintendo 3DS has faced hardship so far and a lot of it is being attributed to a lack of big First Party hitters from Day One. However, now Nintendo is busy trying to release as many big names in time for Christmas as possible, one of which is a game previously known simply as Super Mario, but now has been renamed to Super Mario 3D Land.

The demo version that Cubed3 was able to try recently was split into four separate stages, all of which showed how the Kyoto team that worked on both Super Mario Galaxy games, as well as Donkey Kong: Jungle Beat, is trying hard to marry up the fantastic 3D world that critics have been praising since Super Mario 64, with the retro appeal that has made both New Super Mario Bros. efforts so immensely popular, harking back to the 2D side-scrolling levels and even dipping into Super Mario Bros. 3's heritage with the re-introduction of the Racoon Suit.", writes CUBED3.

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