Cohabitation: Why there's room for the 3DS and PlayStation Vita in a post-iPhone world

GGTL: "Yesterday, Nintendo announced they will be drastically cutting the price of the Nintendo 3DS from $249.99 to $169.99 starting in August. This comes as little surprise, considering the 3DS’s already-slow sales, and the PlayStation Vita’s similar price for significantly more hardware. The upcoming price drop, along with the Vita’s rumoured 2011 launch, paint a rosy picture for handheld gamers come this autumn. Some in the industry, though, still wonder if it’s all too little, too late."

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hamoor2428d ago

When the iphone get a decent line-up of games that are worth more than 5 minutes of attention then we can talk.

Yeah tiny wings, WTF (yep, wtf is a name of a game) are all good, but not anywhere near the quality of handhelds games from nintendo and sony.

Myst2428d ago

I certainly think there will be room especially in the light of games such as Monster Hunter for PS Vita and whatever else comes to the 3DS. It will just be a matter of the developers of making games that appease us gamers enough to buy them and play them more so than on our phone.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi2428d ago

Honestly all this talk about tablets and smartphones taking over mobile gaming is ridiculous.

miyamoto2428d ago (Edited 2428d ago )

I still say Nintendo held on to their casual games throne instead of being a 3-D PSP. This should have kept their position as the king of hand helds.

Hicken2428d ago

Because plenty of people don't like the iphone, and plenty of people like gaming on actual gaming devices. That's why there's room.

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