Rugby World Cup 2011 [NoobFeed]

Experience the atmosphere, take the glory, and lift the Webb Ellis Cup.

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showtimefolks2572d ago

EA should make a cricket game the market for a cricket game is so big india alone can sell 10 million plus copies on next gen or pc

but all we see are bad cricket games some done long time ago by ea and now a day by codemasters which was bought by an indian firm

manumit2572d ago

agreed, still waiting for an awesome cricket game.

Close_Second2572d ago

I live in NZ and have not been bitten by the RWC bug. Rugby is not what it use to be and now there is too much of it.

If the AB's win then they'll be known as the team that can only win the cup at home. Last time they won was in '87 at home.