Are 3DS and Vita Really Direct Rivals?

As a console war rages, it's natural to pit one device against another. Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 are compared every day by millions of their devotees. It makes sense. They are very similar and compete for the same consumers.

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hamoor2614d ago

Pretty much but in a certain way.. Not too much.
nintendo got the casual fanbase at total lockdown and the vita will attract a lot of core-hardcore players but that doesnt mean the vita can't have the casual market and vice-versa for the 3ds.

miyamoto2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I say pretty much in every way... now.

Why? beacause before the PSP and DS were not in direct competition. Nintendo as always aiming for the younger more casual gamer while Sony with its "19- years-old PlayStation gamer" philosophy has always targeted the hardcore.

Now its Nintendo who made the first move to encroach on PSP territory hoping to get a huge chunk of the PSP market that made the PSP a success on its own right. Its 'hardcore games campaign'is now in direct competition with the PSP & PS Vita for that matter.

I don't see Sony encroaching on the casual games territory but PS Vita is an Android OS platform so the chances of casual games making their way to the PS Vita is a great possibility.

Like I said before it would be very hard for Nintendo to shake the public perception that their hardware platforms are family and kiddie friendly.

Putting an Eye Hazard 3-D screen for young gamers just don't go well with parents & even adult gamers.
Putting games with bouncing jubblies and zombies just does not go well with parents & the ESRB.
Putting a $250 price tag on a child's play thing is not very practical for parents either.

On the other hand. a $250 multi-media gadget for a 19 year old & above gamer just makes sense & is practically justified. Even the twin analog sticks are justified for the hardcore gamers' market.

Now the Games.

Let's leave the casual games for now as casual games are still up in the air for the PSVita.

Let's talk the hardcore games. I see the main deciding factor would be the analog sticks on the PSVita and just one on the 3DS. Didn't Nintendo learned from the PSP? Its the single analog nub that put a severe handicap on the PSP from being a fully pledge hardcore game console. Heh even the iControl Pad have dual analog sliders!

If the DS had no competition on casual games before with its touch screen so will the PSVita have no competition on hardcore games with its dual analog sticks.

MaxXAttaxX2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

Their target audiences are different.
Their games are different.

And frankly, because they are so different, a lot of people don't care and get both (minus the hardcore fanboys on N4G).

Pikajew2614d ago

I go for games not hardware and specs.

So the 3DS interests me more

CaptCalvin2614d ago

I go for games not hardware and specs.

So the Vita interests me more

2613d ago
Midori2613d ago (Edited 2613d ago )

I go for games not hardware and specs.

So both interest me, and I'll be putting the Vita next to my 3DS.

r212613d ago

isnt it the hardware you're buying?
it'd be dumb to just buy the games with no hardware :L

axisofweevils2614d ago

Of course they're rivals.
Otherwise, why does every article about the 3DS / Wii U feature comments like "3DS sux! Vita rulz!"?

If that's not rivalry, what is?

tiffac2614d ago

These are the only true handheld gaming devices out there. So yeah they are direct rivals for sure. The indirect ones are the smart phones and iPad devices.

LeonhartX2614d ago

Well yeah they are in the same market....

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