EA Goes All Out To Tempt Gamers

You may have heard about the ongoing saga between EA and the rest of the digital distribution services, namely Steam. However today EA has thrown down the gauntlet and made 36 games extremely cheap.

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Kran2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

When watching Inside Gaming LIVE, Adam Kovic (the dead pixel) said he would get Battlefield 3 on PC. He obviously knows it'll be on Origin, and I respect him that he'll play the game on PC regardless on where its at.

Most people would just turn down blankly the PC version of Battlefield 3 because of Origin, which I still understand, but to know that there are people out there who couldn't give a s**t and just go with things like Adam, I have a lot of respect.

ashbc2572d ago

You have to bear in mind EA's attitude to the gaming industry. The games on Origin may be cheap now but if they do gain control of the DDS market you can guarantee they will charge gamers like us through the nose.
I hate EA as a business. I trust Valve a lot more.

Ranshak2572d ago

Lol if EA think not having BF3 will make me buy the game from origin, they are sadly mistaken.

Ill buy the CD key for 30usd instead, download it from the EA download manager.

andyboy132572d ago

The EA Download manager is origin now..

jy_mrnd2571d ago

I agree i'll stick to Steam!

BubbleSniper2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

haha. I cancelled my pre-order for BF3. sadly, looks like I'm going the "free" route. I don't play FPS for very long so it's nothing to me. I have supported DICE in the past but they have EA to thank for my decision.

I may buy it when it's extremely cheap, off Origin, by that is the most I will support EA. I don't care for competition against STEAM. They have done things right for a very long time now and I have no reason to turn my back on Valve just because EA wants more profits.

Their greed is legendary, only 2nd to Activision.

evrfighter2572d ago

For sure I agree with you here. Their greed knows no limit. I've been extremely disappointed with gamers the last two years when they gave EA the good guy image. I've been one of the few reminding people about EA.

Origin will never be a true competitor to steam as they can only control their own title sales. I somehow doubt you'll find Activision, THQ, or Ubisoft making their titles available on Origin. Indie dev's will stay with steam.

It's pointless software for an extra buck they wanna make. However I won't be cancelling my pre-order. I understand that Origin will be mandatory should I buy it retail. But I'd rather buy it retail then give EA more money than they deserve by buying digital.

solar2572d ago

i dont trust EA enough to buy any title off Origin. any EA title that isnt on Steam will be bought at retail.

if EA thinks they will even come close to what Steam is, they are out of their minds.

vglulz2572d ago

I was planning on avoiding this service, but this is too good to pass up.

I feel weak.

ashbc2572d ago

Don't forget you're dancing with the devil.
EA will screw you over sooner or later...

Micro_Sony2572d ago

Like Valve is any better.

I have been patiently waiting on HL Ep3 for a long time now but the fact that not one leaked picture has hit the net is starting to piss me off.

I dont want to play anymore Left 4 Dead just give me EP3 Gabe - if you dont want to give us the game at least release a comic book with the rest of the story and how it ends.

caboose322572d ago

Just because Valve isnt releasing HL3 you think they are a bad company?

Do you even know how much Sh** they are handling right now??? Shut your mouth and stop crying.

Micro_Sony2572d ago

"Do you even know how much Sh** they are handling right now"

Thats my point - they tend to put other projects in front of EP3. Did we really need another L4D game so fast? Portal 2 was great but would have wanted EP3 instead.

I am a huge Half Life fan and have the right to b!tch at Valve for not releasing EP3.

solar2572d ago

if Valve goes under all games we have bought off Steam are still ours at no fee. bet EA wouldnt do that.

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billyboi1222572d ago

I'm still not convinced Origin should exist. No thanks.

Kurylo3d2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

sorry, but i can care less for their prices, im stickn with steam. At least steam has every game from every publisher, with better prices in the long run. I got mirros edge on steam for like 5 dollars.

im not messing with origin unless im forced to, just like battlenet with blizzard... only cause im forced to have an account for starcraft 2

ABizzel12572d ago

I know, I'm tempted, but unfortunately I only have my Mac, and I'm out of town :(

I need to see if you can download them at a later date once you buy them.

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Raendom2572d ago

I'm happy for the competition. It's also funny how many articles there are about Origin. Proof that EA has SO much control with their games. You gotta give EA props for having a selection of games that are enough for people to make articles about "origin going after steam?".

Steam in return, just needs a few more services (video and in-game FPS counter) and it's essentially perfect.

ImpliedDeception2572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

Guhhh! 5 dollars?!? Bu-bu-buhhh...

Dammit. I guess I'll have to see what all games they have. *If I do sell my soul, it'll have to be for more than one or two cheap games that I didn't already buy on Steam...

ImpliedDeception2572d ago

Just looked... With the exception of EA Create, and BF:BC2 there are no deals on anything unless it's at least 4 years old... and it's mostly add-on's for the Sims2 and other things that I really never cared about.

I feel dirty for having even looked.

STK0262572d ago (Edited 2572d ago )

So basically, with the exception of BF2142, it's either games that were on Steam summer sales at a similar price or Sims expansion packs, I guess I still don't need Origin.

Moreover, I didn't see a promo section, and had to go through the entire Origin PC library to find the games, not that big of a problem, but definately something that should be changed in the future.

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