Sony announces price PSVita in the Middle East

Announced the Middle East Branch of the price of Sony's Playstation Vita official for the region, to learn more followed over the golden games ...

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MEsh3L2003d ago

link doesn't have anything to do with the title !!

NewMonday2003d ago

its going to be 266$, not bad

subtenko2003d ago (Edited 2003d ago )

the link doesnt depict the dang article. Someone said its fixed, but its still not working. maybe its only for certain countries. Excuse my ignorance if im not doing something right. I rated the article down. Save your time folks, nothing to see here. :/

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BlmThug2003d ago

How did this get f*cking approved. No link

Rashonality2003d ago

it will be a 1000 Saudi Arabian Riyal which equals 266 US$, not bad.

mafiahajeri2003d ago

WOW amazing price defenitly buying the vita...

Marcus Fenix2003d ago

im getting 1 too, but they weren't specific about which SKU will be sold at that price, the wifi+3G or the wifi only?

Rashonality2002d ago

its a safe bet to say its the wifi only model cuz its 266$ while the 3g model in the US at 300$ and there's no way it will be cheaper here.

Pikajew2003d ago


link doesnt work

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