Remembering SimCity 3000's Declan takes a trip down memory lane to visit an old friend, SimCity 3000.

"Frankly, there’s a lot to do in SimCity 3000. Scenarios are offered to those whose creative energies are best unleashed under directed bursts, but for most, I’m sure, the real joy will come in watching your concrete patchwork slowly spread across a map, like an unceasingly hungry, capitalist mould. Even though the game would have been vastly improved with a greater variety of buildings, this lust for development and desire for growth is the underpinning of an experience which evokes a sort of cathartic harmony in the ordered placement of zones, pipes, roads and power lines. Combine this rhythm with a resplendent soundtrack, and “Zen” might be a more appropriate descriptor."

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gravemaker2548d ago

Am i the only one, who wanted ability to take over every citizen's body and walk around town? Or drive every car, plane or boat? When i was a kid, i thought sim city will be like that... :(

TGM2548d ago

Exact same! I liked that SimCity 4's expansion let you drive around (sort of). I suppose the closest thing to a "walkabout" mode is Cities XL's extremely close camera.